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Blond Ambition Barcelona

  • Posted 5 days ago

Does anyone know if there is just one rip of BAT Barcelona in existance? I have downloaded it so many times from so many sources ever since 1999 ... it is always the exact same rip with horrible VHS errors - skips - and rolls down the screen from time to time.  It is like only one person on the planet was ever lucky enough to record it lol


Thanks if anyone knows



retromories.blogspot.ca .. download those 80's hits!

  • Posted 5 days ago

Picture wise - the best version available is the s-vhs rip - it looks very nice and has a long intro too and the radio broadcasters(in spanish do talk a lot at the beginning) sadly its not stereo sound though :(( there is a stereo track available but its hard to sync with this recording - both have been shared on here if you look for them

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