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Joan of arc should of been a music single from RH!

  • Posted 3 days ago

I like the song, but never felt it was anything too special. Seemed more like a gimmick type of song that went wrong. I'm not even referring to the "cape incident".  That unfortunately, could have happened with any song she decided to use a cape. "Ghosttown" and a number of other songs are stronger than "Living For Love".  I think too many people are looking for a "Like A Prayer" 2.  It's never gonna happened.  I remember many were trying to make "Nothing Fails" (which is a great song) was the second coming of "Like A Prayer", but it wasn't.  I feel people and maybe even Madonna was trying to recapture that same magic.  It's not a bad song at all. As said, I like it.  It's just not as memorable and iconic as "Like A Prayer".

yea, but the lyrics she wrote and then her falling happened with her falling.


took me to heaven 

and let me fall down

now that it's over i'm gonna carry on

lifted me up and watched me stumble

after the heartache i'm gonna carry on

  • Posted A day ago

I think that album version sucks. The first demo that leaked was everything! It was so simple, just Madonna and orchestra, beautiful melody - this was it. Then she added all those drums, filters etc. and from my favourite became (almost) the only one that I don't like to listen to from the whole album...


Also, I think that "Unapologetic Bitch" should have been a single - but I can't imagine a promo performance with this song, like she did in various TV shows. 

The other ones I would choose as a single are: "Iconic", "Devil Pray", "Illuminati".


But, let's be honest, if "Ghosttown" failed - and it was Madonna's best single since "Hung Up" - was there any other song from "Rebel Heart"  that would make it better?


Would you all shoot me if I said I never listened to the demos?  :smile:

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