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Songs that should've been singles and were not

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Physical Attraction deserved a proper single release and a video.

Like a Virgin:

  1. Like a Virgin (b/w Stay)
  2. Material Girl (b/w Pretender)
  3. Crazy for You (b/w Gambler)
  4. Angel (WITH a video) (Europe) / Into the Groove (US) (Double-A Side)
  5. Dress You Up (b/w Shoo-Bee-Doo)
  6. Over and Over (b/w Love Don't Live Here Anymore)

True Blue / Who's That Girl / You Can Dance Era:

  1. Live to Tell
  2. Papa Don't Preach (b/w Ain't No Big Deal)
  3. True Blue (b/w Jimmy Jimmy)
  4. Open Your Heart (b/w White Heat)
  5. La Isla Bonita (b/w Love Makes the World Go Round)


  1. Who's That Girl (b/w The Look of Love)
  2. Causing a Commotion (b/w Can't Stop)
  3. Where's the Party [YCD Remix] (b/w Santa Baby) - released in December 1987

Like a Prayer / I'm Breathless:

  1. Like a Prayer (b/w Act of Contrition)
  2. Express Yourself (b/w Love Song)
  3. Cherish (b/w Supernatural)
  4. Till Death Do Us Part (b/w The Look of Love) - October 1989
  5. Oh Father (b/w Dear Jessie) - December 1989
  6. Spanish Eyes (b/w Promise to Try)  - February 1990


  1. Vogue / Keep It Together (Double A-Side) - March 1990 (both would have gotten a video)
  2. Hanky Panky (b/w More) - June 1990
  3. He's a Man (b/w Back in Business) - September 1990
  4. Sooner or Later [Remix] (b/w Santa Baby) - December 1990

The Immaculate Collection:

  1. Justify My Love (b/w Express Yourself '90)
  2. Rescue Me (b/w Holiday) - WITH A VIDEO


  1. This Used to Be My Playground


  1. Deeper and Deeper - September 1992
  2. Erotica - November 1992 - album release also in November
  3. Fever (b/w Goodbye to Innocence) - Febraury 1993 (NO Body of Evidence!)
  4. Bad Girl (b/w Thief of Hearts) - May 1993
  5. Words (b/w Why's It So Hard) - July 1993
  6. Rain (b/w Waiting) - September 1993


  1. I'll Remember (b/w Secret Garden) - March 1994

Bedtime Stories / Something to Remember:

  1. Secret (b/w Let Down Your Guard) - September 1994
  2. Take a Bow (b/w Love Tried to Welcome Me) - December 1994
  3. Human Nature (b/w Don't Stop) - February 1995
  4. Bedtime Story (b/w Sanctuary) - June 1995

Bedtime Stories Tour - early July - late October 1995

  1. I Want You (b/w Forbidden Love) - October 1995
  2. You'll See (b/w Verás) - December 1995
  3. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (b/w One More Chance) - March 1996

Ray of Light:

  1. Frozen (b/w Shanti/Ashtangi) - late February 1998
  2. Ray of Light (b/w Has to Be) - early May 1998
  3. Nothing Really Matters (b/w To Have and Not to Hold) - late June 1998
  4. The Power of Good-Bye (b/w Swim) - September 1998
  5. Drowned World/Substitute for Love (b/w Little Star) - December 1998
  6. Sky Fits Heaven (b/w Mer Girl) - March 1999
  7. Beautiful Stranger - June 1999
  8. Skin (b/w Candy Perfume Girl) - September 1999
  9. Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazón) (with Ricky Martin) - December 1999

Ray of Light Tour - September 1999 - December 1999 (NO THE NEXT BEST THING!)


  1. Music - November 2000
  2. Don't Tell Me (b/w I Deserve It)  - January 2001
  3. Amazing (b/w Runaway Lover) - March 2001
  4. Impressive Instant (b/w Cyber-raga) - May 2001
  5. What It Feels Like for a Girl (b/w Lo Que Siente La Mujer) - August 2001 (NO REMIX VIDEO!)
  6. Paradise (Not for Me) - January 2002

Music Tour - September 2001 - December 2001


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  1. Over And Over (instead of Dress You Up)
  2. Thief Of Hearts (instead of Bad Girl)
  3. Intervention or Easy Ride (instead of Nothing Fails)
  4. Future Lovers (instead of Get Together)
  5. She's Not Me or Beat Goes on (instead of Give It 2 Me)
  6. Voices (instead of Miles Away)
  7. Lovespent (instead of Turn Up The Radio)

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Physical Attraction


Wheres the Party 

Till Death Do Us Part 


Paradise (not for me)

Mother and Father 

Forbidden Love (COAD)

She´s not me 

Love Spent

Joan of Arc 

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