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Peter Rauhofer's elusive remix of "Spanish Lesson"

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That's yalls problem with the song. When I took Spanish, we learned that everything doesn't translate parefectly, and a lot of the times you can be loose in translation.
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Big whoop! It's just a song. It's not like she claims it's the best piece of pop music ever.  I don't believe she was being that serious about what the lyrics meant.  It's called a loose translation.  After all... "give me love" can be shown by a kiss.  "You drive me crazy" and "I am crazy" all comes down to being "crazy".


 Yes, it's just a song. I was simply explaining to you why the song is horrible if you speak spanish, so don't take the answer too seriously. If you like "Spanish Lesson", enjoy it.

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Just because the song is called Spanish Lesson doesn't mean it is literally meant to be one  :ay: . The lyrics take poetic license.


"callate" doesn't mean "close your mouth" it means "shut up" but the meaning of both sentences can be the same informally speaking.


If you're telling someone to kiss you you're asking them to give you love. Poetic license.


"Siempre" doesn't mean "I won't forget it", it means "always", but it still works in the context of the song.


The only one thats kinda wonky is "yo soy loco" but it's still a correct sentence colloquially. It should probably be loca if she's talking about herself or a female but that's something else.  :laughing:


BTW the person who said it's offensive was making a joke I'm pretty sure.  :coffee:


What's actually offensive is that i had to listen to this song for this post.  :bothered:

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G House
  • Posted 2 days ago

Exactly what @Fighter says.

I'm Spanish and I'm not offended at all.

The only thing that's cringeworthy to me is when she says "yo soy loco" instead of "yo estoy loco", because in English there is no distinction between "ser" and "estar", both of them merged into the verb "to be", but this is just me being a grammar nazi.

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Something to tell you

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Love arguments here on her worst songs ! Lol ! :)

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So, did anyone get Rauhofer's remix of I'm Addcited? lol

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Are people realizing the song was intended to be a mess and not an actual Spanish Lesson? Her translation isn't spot on and even on release day, I figured it was a pun on the subject itself and her making it a means to a come on attempt with this song.

Though, it's definitely no favorite of mine minus the S&S performance with the added breakdown. Was surprised she performed it on RHT, as if people wanted to hear it.  :lol: 




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