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  1. Almost spot on, though I personally would have ranked Erotica higher than Bedtime Stories. Great decision to ignore her post-COADF work... it just cannot match up to her earlier work.
  2. Kylie Minogue

    Cant stand country music, so its kinda hindering my ability to get into most of the tracks on the album. Raining Glitter is the only track that really stands out to me in a near-positive way
  3. Well, thats not really the issue though. Well-known or not, it was still a rip-off. However, I still absolutely adore TUTBMP
  4. Agreed. Some of their best music has come out over the past decade.
  5. Love both songs, but I went with Playground as its a beautiful video.... even though she ripped it off Boy George
  6. I remember reading that Pavarotti wanted to do something with her back in the 90s, but she declined
  7. Confessions. It wasn't terrible, but certainly not her best work or imagery
  8. For me... 1. Blond Ambition Tour 2. The Girlie Show 3. Who's That Girl Tour 4. Confessions Tour 5. The Virgin Tour 6. Drowned World Tour 7. ReInvention Tour 8. MDNA Tour 9. Rebel Heart Tour 10. Sticky & Sweet Tour
  9. I don't think it is underrated. It got a lot of acclaim, and still remains a favourite amongst fans. Its only problem was that it got caught up in the Sex book furore which didn't do it great favours. For me, as a fan from the early days, its her number one album. I love it
  10. Open Your Heart. Its so beautiful and it presented us an image of Madonna that remains totally iconic to this day
  11. Lana's version sounds horrid. Madonna's is far superior
  12. Oh Father from Blond Ambition
  13. She has been wearing them every now and then from the beginning. Most female stars use them
  14. To be fair, her 00s music videos haven't been all that great, but I went for Get Together... but that was at a push