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  1. i think Im gonna wear one of these.
  2. is Kanye big in other countries?i always feel lost when it comes to this. Someone can seem such a big star here in the states, and be no one over seas.
  4. I wonder if I'd eat less if I had a grill. :kitty:

  5. I'm glad she took out the word master, It was a little much. But it seems people are so quick to try and make someone a racist these days. Its quite disheartening. One comment accused her of living in a bubble... and you know what, i think they're right. She probably has created a bubble to live in where people don't accuse her of racism if she says something a little off. Where she can have a sense of humor without being ridiculed. because thats the world we should live in. an educated, conscious, and relaxed world. not this hypersensitive, finger pointing, talk first-then think, uptight, just looking for a reason to pounce world we have created.
  6. Yeah i was trying to picture her doing LAV era hair and I laughed. That would be weird. Buuuut.... I feel like "Like a Virgin" from the Rebel Heart tour was definitely a take on that look. With the lace bustier and messy hair. And that was awesome.
  7. Seeing her at Roseland in 2008 was definitely my favorite. The fact it was free was amazing. The fact it was only hard core fans cuz everyone had to sleep in the street to get tickets was also awesome. No bored Jersey housewives like I saw in Madison Square Garden in 2012.
  8. TEN?!?! y'all killing me with 10 words.
  9. i'd actually never looked it up. It appears thats what they say. I just briefly looked up his music though and it although it sounds as though it was recorded with him first, it definitely has Mirwais' fingerprints all over it. the electro synth at 2:13... the sub bass throughout. The vocoded vocal harmonies. Maybe it is William Orbit though, I could be wrong.... I would have never expected him as a producer on Gang Bang if no one told me. The only thing that makes me think its not him... his recordings tend to be a bit muffled where Mirwais always has clean sounding mids and highs in his recordings. William's are more warm and congealed, and Mirwais' are more spacious and separated. and Cyberragga seems to fall into the later category to me. it could be someone who mixed it afterward though.
  10. Future Lovers Paradise (Not for Me) Die Another Day Impressive Instant Easy Ride Love Profusion Cyberragga Gone Music American Life Shoutout to the freeze vocal in "I'm So Stupid" and the Pitched down vocals at the end of Hollywood.
  11. Can someone rip the center speaker channel in flac format for my archives.
  12. Maybe the look was just a discarded idea for the Met Gala.
  13. Damn Daniel. You been paying attention. Does anyone still have the leaked version of MUSIC/ is it different? Also. Id be willing to wait a little longer if she got Mirwais to fix Rebel Heart and MDNA.
  14. Does anyone know how long it took to make MUSIC? I feel like Mirwais needs extra time to do all the tedious music editing. So it may take a little longer than usual, that's if he still works in the same fashion. Also... Did you guys see on his Instagram.... he said something like "Burn Autotune Burn" but it may just be in reference to the pic he posted. Im really curious if Autotune is part of his sound now.