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  1. Would the eliminated girls have chosen her though?! Thats the question. on another note.... Trixie's win doesn't feel earned somehow. Maybe because Ben chopped herself as she was slaying. Maybe cuz the final lip-synch should have been Trixie and Shangela. Something just doesn't feel right.
  2. Time does not go by so slowly
  3. #MeToo Unfortunately I don't think Rupaul is.
  4. I felt really bad hearing about how people don't really go to meet and greets to see Kennedy. It must suck to see some people get a crowd and you have no one. My two cents... I think Shangela kinda deserves to win at this point. This is her third competition... let her fucking win so I don't have to see her anymore. Thank you. She's also grown in her looks and performances. I feel like Bebe was only kept around this long cuz Rupaul couldn't really have her first winner voted off early in the show.
  5. I'm looking to SMS or email message to the Madonna. :pop: 

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  6. Hopefully we get some instrumentals we can slap some Accapellas on and have a new M album!!! Do you guys message him? Someone should plant the idea in his head. id much rather Instrumentals I could make into an M song than some other singer.
  7. This doesn't feel like its for her album. It seems like that vocal producer is working on Starrah's Album....theres even a caption something about "Starrah's Song Shop" on another photo. So maybe M is lending vocals on Starrah's album.
  8. Here's to hoping she promotes her next album as much as her fucking skincare line.
  9. Just be prepared to turn the volume down when the "glass breaks" on girl gone wild and then immediately turn it back up for the actual song... Then turn it back down again cuz her vocal is like nails on a chalkboard. Seriously tho.
  10. I really don't like this season... I've never seen such random decisions by Ru and the judges of who was in the top and bottom and who won lipsyncs.
  11. Did someone teach her about proper selfie angles finally?
  12. It's been a rough decade for you...
  13. y'all need to back up off Future Lovers. Kabbalah Recruitment Disco Realness.
  14. savage = savage beast was posted on the other photo... New Video Up with her in latex asking for a massage.
  15. Cmon MAMBO!!! Let em loose!!