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  1. Hands down the weakest lead single she has ever released. But I'm glad it makes some people happy .
  2. If nobody laughs it may not be a joke
  3. Geez, and I’m the defensive one? You’ve missed my broader point but it’s cool. I find it weird when people roll out “it’s my opinion” as their only argument in a discussion - why state the obvious? Peace
  4. She’s actually wearing eyeliner in the short promo video for the new album. Either way - who cares? She never said “I’m going to be all natural now” - it seems to be more about being true to herself. What a dumb thing to focus on anyway - her lips, her business, filled or not. Judge her for her music. Why does it always need to come down to some aspect of physical appearance that people choose to pay attention to when it comes to female artists?
  5. You realise she’s not a natural platinum blond either? Still loving Accelerate and Twice is beautiful. First Aguilera album I’m genuinely looking forward to since 2002.
  6. But all of these women (and Adele) are completely different artists, making different music - nobody’s asking you to choose. :-)
  7. Rihanna’s songs have always had great melodies - it only changed on her last album really. Rolling In The Deep is an amazing piece of songwriting and production by any account. Rebel Heart had brilliant melodies pretty much across the board, that’s what Madonna’s always been known for. Only Hard Candy was when everything was more beat/groove driven and it’s always been my main issue with that album - that the melodies took a back seat on many of its songs.
  8. It's an entertainment reality TV show, not a documentary. Took you 10 seasons to figure that out?
  9. Proves what exactly?
  10. We can talk when Britney releases ONE album as iconic, as culturally significant and as acclaimed as Janet's "Control", "Rhythm Nation", "janet." or "Velvet Rope"
  11. Uhm, or maybe she was kept because Monique didn't know the words to the song?
  12. I actually find her quite annoying most of the time but this is her most interesting single since "Ain't No Other Man", if not "Dirrrty" in my opinion.
  13. I don't think she necessarily posts these things in real time so it's anyone's guess about the timeline of this project.