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  1. Loved her since her early EPs and LOVE both of these new tracks. Exciting!
  2. Revisiting Ray of Light, Madonna’s most forward-thinking album, 20 years on
  3. Don't Tell Me - a perfect marriage of sound and image, still looks fresh and beautiful.
  4. Do you have a source for that info? The only thing I could find is Patrick Leonard talking to Billboard about an unreleased Like A Prayer song but he doesn't mention it being from True Blue sessions: Were there songs recorded for the album that the two of you worked on that eventually were just shelved or haven't been released?I think there was one, but I'm not sure what it was a remnant of. It might have been a remnant of "Who's That Girl" or of "I'm Breathless." There was ever only one song, and it got released as a b-side, and I don't remember what it was called, even. I don't think it was "Like a Prayer"-era. [Note: Leonard may be referring to the "Cherish" b-side, "Supernatural."] My recollection is that we just wrote the songs that were going on the record and that was it. I mean, those songs were written one a day -- that's it. A few hours and they were done.
  5. What does the sample being there has to do with Prince playing on "Supernatural"?
  6. Didn't work for Gaga and didn't work for Miley (not that theirs were strictly "country" records but they steered in that direction).
  7. 2 PhDs and you're struggling to follow basic logic on a Madonna forum?
  8. Uhm, you don't have to be black to be able to relate to racial minorities and see racism as wrong. You don't have to be poor to see poverty as something bad. And so on, and so forth... And of course you support patriarchy, it's been constructed to champion straight white men like you. It's not your fault. It's a shame though that you're unable to see how damaging it is for the rest of us. But as long as you're happy I guess
  9. Seriously? Let's get back to George Michael who used sex and sexual images freely at the beginning of his solo career especially. "I Want Your Sex" video was highly controversial at the time. What about Prince? To term a lot of his lyrics as "suggestive" would be an understatement of the century, not to mention his sex-charged performances, outfits where his ass was hanging out etc. There have been plenty of men who used sex to sell their records, the only difference between them and women who have done so is that it didn't stop the general public from seeing them as genuine artists with actual talent. Precisely because it's ok for boys to be sexual, it's expected of them. Women who are free with their sexuality are seen as sluts, pure and simple. Your comment that "Thank God the kind of women I attract are never feminists and the women I'm attracted to are never feminists" is offensive on many levels just as your comment in the Gwyneth Paltrow topic where you say "when women have a rift is usually over men" - this is some serious, 1950s era sexism man. Feminism isn't about the female half of the population getting an upper hand or preferential treatment. It's about all of us, men and women, being equal. This would be beneficial to both sexes - boys are victims of the patriarchal, imbalanced system as well. Here's link to an article on gender gap pay published recently: "Gender pay gap at more than 500 large organisations revealed. According to the data, 80 per cent of the 527 organisations paid women less per hour on average than men. Equality my ass
  10. That's a bit like saying that the record sales aren't in decline because Adele's last album shifted 20 million copies - it's clearly an exception. In Madonna's case, sexism and misogyny have been so blatant from the very early days of her career only a blind or wilfully ignorant person could deny that. For example, when George Michael released his first solo album he was immediately hailed as a genius and seen as a peer to Prince, Michael Jackson, Elton John, etc. Every possible award and universal acclaim followed. It took Madonna SIXTEEN FUCKING YEARS to win an album-related Grammy award. Didn't matter how much "True Blue" sold or how critically-praised "Like A Prayer" was - she was deemed respectful and worthy of the establishment's approval only after having a baby and toning down her sexual image. A kick-ass album didn't hurt either obviously. I'm not denying the genius of George Michael, I love him, but the disparity in his and Madonna's treatment is pretty obvious. And that's just one example. Just because something doesn't affect you personally it does not mean it's a media hype.
  11. I think her raw, warm voice is what I've missed the most in the past few years. But everything is auto-tuned to fuck these days, I mean, even Aretha Franklin's voice got that treatment on her last record which is, let's face it, tantamount to sacrilege!
  12. Or perhaps he's just expressing his opinion which happens to differ from yours?
  13. Fillers don't need to be removed - your body eventually breaks the substance down (usually takes about a year or so for that to happen). As for the album, I'm super open to whatever she chooses to do.