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  1. Flashback to the kind of criticism Michelle Obama had to endure as first lady
  2. My hero! "The American people need to hear this." —Rep. Ted Lieu
  3. This rep got kicked off the House floor for playing the cries of detained children.
  4. Immigrant children say they were beaten, kept in cells naked and tied to chairs at center
  5. It did on the music video chart. On January 19 1991, Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection video collection hit #1 on the Top Music Videos chart in the USA. The VHS video single for Justify My Love hit #2 on the same chart.
  6. Happy Birthday, @vitoralmeiida! [June 22nd]
  7. Happy Birthday, @Rose Mist Stud! [June 22nd]
  8. Happy Birthday, @TonyMontana [June 21st]
  9. A detention center refused to let people bring toys to children who'd been separated from their parents
  10. Where did the concept of "illegal immigration" even come from? If you look at who has been kept out of the U.S. over the decades, being "illegal" has a lot to do with race.
  11. In progress: Protesters gather for the Women of Faith Cry Out to keep Families Together outside ICE Headquarters in Washington DC.