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  1. Is there an unboxing video for the japan version of the DVD/Blu-ray?
  2. Yes. They are. Some people are pretending those are photos of the booklet. [emoji23]
  3. Beautiful woooow woooow wooow
  4. Wooow [emoji7][emoji7]
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  7. Why complaining about interludes? If you want them, play S.E.X., Messiah and Illuminati from Rebel Heart. I love the double CD tracklist. Candy Shop made it again on the live CD. If you want the DVD, you won't have True Blue, Like A Virgin or La Vie En Rose. This is awful! And no Love Don't Live Here Anymore.....
  8. Save as Draft 4th single off Witness What do you think? I personally expected something more powerful or "cool". Ok, but if it's time for a ballad, I think they chose the best one.
  9. I think Tsunami is a good album filler indeed. It works. Obviously, it's not on the list of the best songs in the album. Mind Maze, yes. It's boring and a bit annoying. The chorus reminds me of Cher.
  10. Witness is a high level pop product. Finally a very mature Katy Perry. No more candy and sweet things. I love the dance songs and the '90 and '80 influences. "Déjà Vu" drives me crazy everytime. But dance isn't enough. "Save as draft" and "Into Me You See" are perfect ballads à la Perry. In "Pendulum" I can even hear something of Alicia Keys (maybe it's because of the production by Carlo "Illangelo" Montagnese, who produced Alicia's "In Common")
  11. Her next producer should be HAYDEN JAMES. The sound of his songs BLOW MY MIND! It would be awesome if Madonna approached house music with these sounds. Just some examples: I knew him listening to this song:
  12. It would have been fantastic if "Behind Me" arrived at #1 in an european country such as France, Great Britain, Italy or Germany. BTW, I love this song, but you can clearly see that it's a demo! It's a bit boring because the music doesn't change at all throughout the song. there's no special effect. Or maybe it's better this way, if it was included in Rebel Heart, it would have been a mess.
  13. The "Rebel Heart DVD" topic on this forum is about to hit the 200 pages. In the meanwhile... Madonna is teaching Nicky Minaj songs to the twins.