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  1. Think someone called Mirvais Amadeuszi or something heard it too....
  2. Nah, honey I'm good

  3. I swear I thought it released February 23, 1998
  4. Shocked by this update tbh
  5. You're not alone http://www.vh1.com/news/348245/nicki-minaj-missing-social-media-fans-worried/
  6. You guys have heard 'Sorry' by Madonna? Such a good song!!!!
  7. No, since this is a list of leaks, I haven't included anything that hasn't leaked. Those are not instrumentals Instrumental with hook and/or backing vocals only that usually was sent to radio and TV stations to play as background during shows or broadcasts.
  8. Love those "insider" accounts, very hilarious.
  9. Really? How did that happen?! That's so fucking cool
  10. Rude? Nothing I've wrote was rude or even slightly offensive. Keep on posting whatever information you might be aware of, no one is stopping you! But don't get on the defensive if someone that has been reading these ""collector info"" posted on a public board without pointing out a valid proof for years, comments too. Definetely not the one to give the M fanbase a bad name, you might as well look in the mirror before accusing me. Peace.
  11. Dont forget about the third demo recorded with Rocco where he plays the drums and Mercy claps her hands to the tune, also sampling Madonna's timeless classic 'Cosmic Climb' in an unreleased bridge.
  12. Just a collection of tracks + some newbies but nothing from Madonna's side. Few tracks from 'Evita' like "Another Suitcase In Another Hall" and some others are included but in it's original version. Has nothing to do with M's new record.
  13. The question is... Who cares?