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  1. This is way too hard for my little brain.
  2. I can't believe more and more people are actually selling this kind of stuff that none of us should be seeing just to make easy money, disgusting.
  3. ... Why
  4. But then again I'm just about to get my period

    1. DickTracy


      Periods, we all get periods.

      Every month yo. Thats what the theory is. 

    2. Andymad


      clean-up on aisle 4

  5. My eyes have been burnt and I can't hear the song either on the trailer, where the hell is it?
  6. It's a greatest hits.
  7. Really rare, good luck!
  8. The Pain Tapes

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dazedmadonna


      Mm I love it :kitty:

    3. RUADJAI


      3 hours ago, Fighter said:

      The pee tapes? 

      Only the one who inflicts the pee... can take it away. 

    4. Primul5


      16 minutes ago, RUADJAI said:

      Only the one who inflicts the pee... can take it away. 

      OMG! I'm dead hahahahahahah

  9. OUT 'Cherish' IN 'Rain'
  10. Wow it's really MDNA Skin related, what the actual f-
  11. No it's the photoshoot for the album Can't wait for that MDNA Skin Instagram commercial
  12. Hmm getting ready for something?
  13. Out now - I met you when I was 18.


    1. Gabvinet


      I love them ! love how it can be lit and melancholic at the same time. The only thing is they already release 3/4 of the album as single before today so there wasnt a big a surprise

    2. Dazedmadonna


      Yeah he just cannot keep surprises haha