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  1. yes. The "unexpected Madonna" has proven often years later to have been a great choice. I am open-minded for the future sound. I do really hope that the album isn't poo-pooed on ad-nauseam before its ever heard. Thats why i think every album should have less tidbits dropped.
  2. ' I agree. I originally responded to this post by using Madonna's own response to someone directly asking Madonna on Reddit... Her reply was "No."
  3. If I knew I'd tell you.. Guess we'll have to wait until Nov. 17
  4. My friends at The Randy Report....: In honor of the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard, a special collection of Whitney Houston live and studio recordings I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard is being released November 17. The collection will also include special features and events. Some highlights from the album include: • an alternate mix of “I Will Always Love You†with spoken word intro of Whitney as "Rachel Marron" • an acapella never before heard version of “Jesus Loves Me†• a live recording from The Bodyguard World Tour 1993-1995 of “Run To You†Plus, film and live versions of “I Will Always Love†You,†“I Have Nothing,†“Queen of The Night†and more. Originally released on November 17, 1992, The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack racked up sales of more than 45 million copies worldwide and took home the top prize of Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards. The soundtrack was also the first album verified by SoundScan to sell a million units in a single week. Look for I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard on November 17. Track Listing: 1. I Will Always Love You (Alternate Mix) Spoken word intro as Rachel Marron dedicated to Frank Farmer The iconic recorded performance of “I Will Always Love You†captured on the first take 2. I Have Nothing (Film Version) As featured in the scene with Rachel Marron performing “I Have Nothing†3. I’m Every Woman (Clivilles & Cole House Mix I Edit) Alternate edit of the Clivilles & Cole House Mix 4. Run to You (Film Version) As featured in the scene with Frank Farmer watching the video of “Run to You†5. Queen of the Night (Film Version) As featured in the scene with Rachel Marron performing “Queen of the Night†6. Jesus Loves Me (Film Version) As featured in the scene with Rachel Marron and Nicki Marron at Herb Farmer’s Lakefront Cabin 7. Jesus Loves Me (A Capella Version) 8. I Will Always Love You (Film Version) As featured in the scene with Rachel Marron and Frank Farmer at the airport and the performance of “I Will Always Love You†9. I Have Nothing (Live) Private concert at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei for Princess Rashidah, the eldest daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah on August 24, 1996 10. Run to You (Live) Recorded at Radio City Music Hall: New York City on September 28, 1994, during 1993-1995 The Bodyguard World Tour 11. Jesus Loves Me / He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands (Live) Recorded at Estadio Vélez Sarsfield: Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 17, 1994, during 1993-1995 The Bodyguard World Tour 12. Queen of the Night (Live) Recorded at The Spectrum: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 23, 1994, during 1993-1995 The Bodyguard World Tour 13. I Will Always Love You (Live) Recorded at Earls Court Exhibition Centre: London, England on November 5, 1993, during 1993-1995 The Bodyguard World Tour 14. I’m Every Woman (Live) Recorded at Deutschlandhalle: Berlin, Germany on October 14, 1993, during 1993-1995 The Bodyguard World Tour
  5. OMG! That is so fucking funny and true!!!
  6. LOL, I never was panicked
  7. -I think you may have forgotten Madonna's Reddit open conversation with fans.... She will never do a full rock album
  8. yasssss! Confessions, Ray of Light, American Life... All concept albums. I want a single focus concept album from Madonna, where the tour sections can be very focused also with a section specifically dedicated to the focus of the album.
  9. Aldo is a friend of mine. He detailed they are just pics that he posted. and yes, his artwork is not on the cover for RHT.
  10. @@Alice in Popland We are trying to find the reason why this was posted. This forum has a significant amount of smart/in-the-know members and I'd safely say 99% of us are scratching our heads like... "what the hell are you talking about?" Now, we could be wrong (probably not) but why don't you elaborate more or we can close this thread. Or we can wait for the 4th of July and while we are celebrating here in USA, we can maybe/possibly/hopefully celebrate some Madonna news too. But so far, this thread is seemingly a waste unless you have more info. (PS- We've seen this sort of thing before, thats why most are not buying what you're selling)
  11. Glad this thread is still fun =) I never said shut up in my original comment or in my clarification. Those are your words.
  12. One is speculative about that future. The other is not. Guy is her manager. That appears immutable. That is the actual difference. The two are no correlated. Why are we still talking about this? Look, I am a very logical person that can often times be perceived as condescending or in your words disrespectful. I get that and I accept that. You're feelings seem hurt by my words. I can't control that either. I hope you are able to move past this. This is a long thread and fun for most. I hope it stays that way =)
  13. Ahhhh =) you're starting to understand my original point. Shut up isn't really where I was going with it. The bashing will continue I'm sure. Where I was going with it is more... "How's that constant 'change the management' chanting working for you? Any luck yet? Got that out of your system cause its been going on for years and Guy is locked in." Thats more of where I was going with it... not "Shut Up". But my purpose is never for either you or MadMark to discontinue voicing your opinions. I find it ironic that literally as I'm voicing mine, I'm being told I'm disrespectful for doing the same. Its time to move on guys.
  14. What I do for my clients is private, however I manage global well known product brands internationally.
  15. Dead-end opinion is used by me specifically referring to Guy O bashing. Its futile and I think deep down you guys all know its futile to keep on now for years and years doing it. And as I have stated previously... although I wish everyone would grow up and stop doing it... you are all entitled in this forum to continue. Just know there is absolutely nothing the bashing will change in the real world.