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  1. oh, don't take my 'shit' as literal :-) It's an aussie slang for more of something, sometimes. So my reference, was more of MDNA, rather than something different.
  2. It will be interesting, whatever she is doing. Vissionandy her make up artist, tagged Steven Klein studio in an unrelated or related post (whilst she was holding the hand)....so it's either a photo shoot, video shoot, or a combination of both, for a project, that obviously involves the fat jew....so probably more MDNA shit.
  3. True! I forgot about that Lol. I'll get off my soap box now :p
  4. It is interesting though, that before Hard Candy, with the exception of her earlier stuff, and the odd track, all of her music was created 100 per cent in the studio. Hard Candy pretty much signified a shift in production for her with a much heavier reliance on 'writers demo's', MDNA was pretty much all done via writers demo's, RH less so, but still had more. I think it comes down to time, she is juggling multiple priorities, a mum to 4 young children now and 2 adults ones, her Raising Malawi stuff, her skin line, etc. Back in the other 'era's', she had time, she could dedicate time to create stuff from scratch.
  5. True. But not all of her songs start as writers demo's, some of her own stuff also makes it. Look at Broken, it started out as an acoustic demo with her strumming the guitar. Although I agree some of RH was done with writers demo, I do not believe that every song started out this way.
  6. That's right and then they got over it and now love each other!
  7. I don't know if Pharell made her cry, I thought it was timberland. If I remember correctly she said she struggled to sing the way he wanted her too?
  8. Kylie Minogue

    The music video is amazing! I love it. The song has certainly grown on my too!
  9. Likewise! But I also want Madonna to be respected. Interesting that the recent Grammy awards, all the younger stars were dressed immaculately and beautifully, and then we head to instagram and we have the "queen" flashing her tits...the irony.
  10. Simple. If you are going to post a pic of your breast, then the message should be clear. The message here is confusing. Is she lonely? Is she wanting attention? What is it? I have no problems with anyone of any age getting their rock melons out, but be clear about the intention. But maybe it's me and others who are confused, if she were a man, doing the same pose, no one would care....
  11. lol True! I just wish she would do it with more class and sass.
  12. Yes, she is not one to pull back, but I think it comes down to, what is the point, what is the intention of this photo? What message are you trying to say? That your 59 year old tit is lactating over the bag still? I don't know?