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  1. Agreed! Apart from the title track (which I love, but can see how people would cringe) it's a stellar album!
  2. I don't think it was, she was already working on new material for the musical hello suckers and the baz one, hung up was sporned by that and re worked with Stuart (who knows by how much). I just think it was coincidence. American Life was an amazing album, I think had she called it Hollywood and released that as the lead single, as it was rumoured at the time, it would have been a different story, success wise. Did Warner maybe say to her tone it down, most definitely, but damage control, I do not think so.
  3. I wonder if the deluxe and standard are just used now days for the physical releases, like, obviously a CD won't fit a 'super deluxe' track list onto one CD. But really in the day of streaming, it makes absolutely no difference whether it's a standard, deluxe, super deluxe, or everything and the kitchen sink.
  4. Shame on them. You could also report it to EBAY, I mean, technically it's not legal.
  5. Good job. But pease don't mis lead. It's not an official acapella, but rather fan made.
  6. What do you mean, she doesn't operate that way? How do you know? She took all (most) of the Avicci demo's and had them re-worked with diplo and then started having them re worked again by Kayne. She's not going to scrap songs she likes just cause she doesn't like the writing camp.
  7. Lol so it's Adonna not Madonna :p
  8. Yes, I actually remember back in the day, a who wore it better article, as another celebrity also wore it, just can't remember who now lol
  9. I wonder if it was only ever done like that, because the HD version that leaked many years ago was mono also.
  10. WOW I wonder what is about to happen!
  11. Let's all calm down. She was chunkier than her normal self, which to some and me included, was a little jarring, considering we are so used to seeing her ripped. She herself, said she was a fat soccer mum. So let's take a deep breath. Let's also recognise, that the dress she wore (which, I was happy she wore colour), was really not flattering at all, and appeared to make her look larger than she actually was (many layers). For example, her body was about the same size as it was during her Bedtime Story performance at the Brit music awards and the versace photo shoot around then (the Miesel one) and she looked AMAZING, so I think it was just a combination of a bad outfit choice, and people not used to seeing her with a little more sizzle.
  12. I just hope she has bloody clothes on lol Everything else is a bonus
  13. But doesn't mean he won't come out of retirement. Danny Tenagalia came out of retirement in 2013 to remix Yoko Onos re release of walking on thin ice.
  14. Honestly. Who gives a fuck. I'm grateful she's working with someone who understands music. French, Afghan, Italian, polish, Swedish, German. I don't care.