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  1. Thanks!
  2. I agree, but the long intro of the official version is magical and superb!
  3. Thanks for the clarifications guys!
  4. Beautiful, great artwork! ;)
  5. Thanks!
  6. In my opinion rockabilly's section is one of the best in terms of creating a narration from the meaning of the tracks. You've got "love at first sight" with Body Shop, pure/endless infatuation with True Blue, mature and sexual desire with Deeper and Deeper, pain and suffers from the breakup with Heartbreak City (plus LDLHA) and rebirth, stronger and fresh than ever, with Like a Virgin. It goes very fluent, every song fits perfectly the segment and rockabilly's theme is just expressed by fashion and costumes. Anyway, do you think they'll try to clean vocals? The refining work on Sticky'n'Sweet Dvd was very invasive but we have to admit that sometimes she's unlistenable.
  7. I think it's an upscale version of the LQ file I posted (it sounds quite the same). Anyway, thank you so much for your help. You've been very nice
  8. Hi Guys! Does anybody have a HQ version of this amazing cover of Like a Virgin (by Amos Lee) featured on a Grey's Anatomy episode? I can't find it anywhere! It's a pity 'cause it's so breathtaking. Thanks in advance.
  9. Oh my...Mer Girl is such a gift!
  10. Is there any news about this cd? If it's official it means that Gone (or I'll be Gone according to this seller) was written for Ray Of Light instead of Music?