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  1. Erotica
  2. ty
  3. she's totally in GUCCI and she's perfect with it <3
  4. can't wait for this
  5. beauty <3 <3 <3!YNxQ0Z6L!KGOkSLqHoBkLbIz6cbNc-Tx-8oYe_dppLPKmZbRL42g
  6. Madonna: everybody, physical attraction, holiday like a virgin: love don't live here anymore, stay, angel true blue: open your heart, love makes the world go round, jimmy jimmy like a prayer: like a prayer, till death do us part, promise to try erotica: erotica, waiting, why's it so hard bedtime stories: bedtime story, sanctuary, love tried to welcome me ray of light: shanti ashtangi, mer girl, candy perfume girl music: impressive instant, music, gone american life: easy ride, american life, nobody knows me coadf: let it will be, how high, future lovers hard candy: candy shop, she's not me, voices mdna: gang bang, I fucked up, falling free rebel heart: heartbreak city, body shop, wash all over me
  7. superstar
  8. yes it is
  9. THE RAIN TAPES full