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  1. Not really. We have the Candy Perfume Girl and the Ray Of Light writers demos that didn't started out as tracks intended for her. We also know that a supposed early demo of Paradise exists and it was sung by a random French session singer for Mirwais' Production.
  2. I never said ALL of her songs started out that way, I was talking about some of the Rebel Heart tracks. Also, I won't ever underestimate her skills as a songwriter, even when a song doesn't come about from her mind (and pen) from the beginning. She managed to turn average writers demos like Hold Tight, Love Spent, Some Girls, GMAYL and Turn Up The Radio into super catchy dance pop tunes.
  3. What Maddy Ritchie said about the RH sessions is true. I was confirmed by Delilah herself that HeartBreakCity started as a demo that she cowrote and recorded, and then Avicii's manager pitched it to M, who changed some of the lyrics and altered part of the original melody. Dear collectors, the stolen files are just a small part of the whole creative process!
  4. That's the original Reggie Lucas mix, likely.
  5. Only two snippets from them, so far.
  6. We have quite a few talented users in here...I'm sure they can digitally recreate the early breakdown demo by using the album version and the Shep's Classic 12'' Mix (hope so!)
  7. My guess is totally different than what's been said above, but here it goes: there's a Leona Lewis song called Glassheart, released back in 2012, which shares several music elements with the Justin Cognito Remix of Girl Gone Wild. So, I went through the production credits of Leona's track and found out it was mainly produced by DJ Frank E and his crew (who also produced Madonna's Revolver). Well, believe it or not, if you listen carefully to Glassheart you'll notice not only the opening synth line is very similar to the one leading the GGW remix but also the dubsteppy beats seem rehashed from the GGW remix breakdown. Also, DJ Frank E real name is Justin Franks. Think about it ;)
  8. Well, the synth used on it is kind of similar to DJ Antoine Welcome To St. Tropez..and to Glassheart, a Leona Lewis track produced by Ryan Tedder and DJ Frank E
  9. We all know this remix and guess we all love it as well, BUT...who the hell is Justin Cognito? If you do a bit of search over the net there's no further infos about this remixer...just a random guy on SoundCloud and then a weird Facebook page and a Twitter account that were never updated again after February 2012! I remember some insiders told it was a moniker for some other can't be Benny Benassi as it's not the usual sound he was after at the time...are there some reliable sources to find out his/her true identity?
  10. Which is from the scrapped alternative footage they filmed for the American Life original video.
  11. Thanks! Guess they modulated the sample then!
  12. Are you sure? is it the original version or a remix? I listened to it, but I cannot really trace the exact bit sampled on the Fever dub mix:
  13. Hi, I've always been wondering which track this AMAZING Fever dub mix's clearly some dance track from the same years...anyone ever managed to find it out?? The sample is audible from 2:27 to 3:32: Hope someone can help!
  14. Today Madonna brought her Who's That Girl World Tour in Turin, and it was her very first gig in Italy. The show was broadcasted live on RAIUNO and recorded for the official release. .