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  1. The broadcast is still going strong. First time in Canada since the original screening.
  2. ‘After its full release, some websites suggested that Ryan Tedder was the song's producer, since he had confirmed that he was working on material for Rebel Heart, claiming that the songs were "[Madonna's] best stuff in over a decade" and that "the tracks [he did] with her are really hard to explain".However, Tedder's productions were not used in the album's final track list, although rumors claimed him to be the producer of "Hold Tight". Later, Diplo was rumored to be its producer, but eventually it was confirmed on Madonna's official website that she produced the track herself.
  3. Why does it matter who Madonna follows? She follows other people whom she’s only done one off projects non music related thing with like Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. Maybe Madonna thinks she funny or something and wants to see her content
  4. Ryan Tedder posted a pic with Starrah! Maybe my dream of a Madonna and Ryan Tedder song may come true.
  5. This is where I get confused. My understanding is that if it’s for sale as an official product let’s take Confessions Tour and Sticky & Sweet Tour for example. You can upload a rip of the audio because a full one doesn’t exist, so you can’t for MDNA World Tour because the CD exists but you can’t for the video. And I’m guessing things like LaserDisc is given a pass since they don’t make players anymore so it’s not really an easy format to watch your copy of Blond Ambition World Tour on.
  7. I didn’t forget them....the thread is asking for my favourite names and these are my favourites.
  8. 😂 and everyone was so sure about this documentary series that would be the same as Gaga: Five Foot Two but each would be focused on a different star. That was clearly never what it was, the Gaga one was it’s own release.
  9. From the CANDY and junk she’s got.’s a joke get off being so defensive. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Especially someone who’s also posting that the food means Adele is there, or also posting in that other thread. These Instagram stories will give you guys aneurysm
  10. She posted a photo of her eating junk food. Hard Candy 2.0 and Candy Shop confirmed!
  11. Producers are all over the place though so it’s not worth the hype. I mean you have someone like Diplo and the Major Lazer sound and then he worked on Passenger for Britney Jean. 😂😂😂
  12. Blond Ambition World Tour Re-Invention World Tour Sticky & Sweet Tour The rest that are named after an album.
  13. She’ll add a Migos or an Ed Sheeran collab. Maybe replace Nicki with Cardi B or add both. 😂
  14. I’d be here for it. I loved when Kylie did it for KylieUSA2009 or when Cher did it for Classic Cher. I’ve missed out on every tour aside from MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour.