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  1. If it counts, she was also part of an ensemble on Annie Lennox’s Sing in 2007. She did the second verse.
  2. Nicki also confirmed her album ‘Queen’ is coming out June 15th so who knows if Madonna will tie into this somehow. They both show mutual love for one another so maybe Madonna will jump on Nicki’s songs for once.
  3. read the comments, the song is called Beautiful Game.
  4. Bumping this to a new page.
  5. The song sounds like Heaven (the Rebel Heart demo) with the lyrics changed.
  6. ripped from Donatella’s IG.
  7. Oh yes mother.
  8. It seems like quite a bit of people are managing to get it in stores which is good! A friend of mine sent me a pic yesterday afternoon and there were like 11 copies of Madonna that I could see in the photo!