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  1. This was the second last cassette single I ever bought! Listened to it just before the album, and was somewhat excited by the single, but a bit scared by Shanti which was the B Side ....
  2. I think she may do a traveling art exhibition mixing all of the themes from her past ventures, present with acosutic or live recordings and not actually tour in person. Then sell it all to us as a multimedia experience three years after we’ve all moved on...
  3. 2022: 40 years in music. That’s when it should happen
  4. Now that’s a must have for the Erotica collection! ;-)
  5. The Erotica is the real deal. Have had her for around five years and she cost me a pretty penny! But around half of its estimated value now ;-)
  6. Also here’s my personal highlights; Some boxed sets, and the infamous Erotica Picture Disc
  7. This is the whole collection. It’s more of a mental illness or lifestyle than a collection...
  8. Ah now I see! I was confused by the rebel heart album being next to Dont tell me. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Haven’t played that since school ;-) I’ll have a go but have never mastered uploading pix.
  9. Nice but I’m very disturbed by the lack of organisation. Mine is chronological...
  10. Discogs
  11. The percussion is different and on Its that girl there is a reverb on “borderline†so it repeats twice on some choruses like it does in the extended dance remix.
  12. The two La Isla Bonita instrumentals are available on Japanese CDs aren’t they??
  13. Music, makes the people come together ;-)
  14. Prince and Alice Cooper had singles with the star design also. Maybe cross referencing their discographies May shed more light on the release dates. They look to be from the same release campaign.
  15. They were released at the same time or prior to Like A Prayer and Express Yourself on 3â€CD. I have a clipping from Smash Hits where they were given away as a lot of five for a prize, unfortunately I don’t have the full magazine for a the date, but Cheeish wasn’t included, so probably before that was issued.