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  1. I don’t have the original picture disc to compare but have been informed that it had the 4:48 Jellybean Mix, so yes it’s nit an exact replica
  2. Just to say that the picture disc has Burning Up (album version 2 / Video Mix) and not the original Jellybean Album version found on the original vinyl...
  3. Boy George called it “This Used To Be My Video”!! to be fair though his video wasn’t a hit, and did anyone actually remember it?
  4. So the USA record store day . Com describes YCD as being same as original European Edition with Obi and Poster, but with Red vinyl. confusingly the UK record store day describes YCD as being a replica of the Venezuelan “Mix 2” on Red vinyl. Previous RSD releases have had a EU pressing for here, and an EU press for USA with alternate catalogue numbers. I wonder if there will be two vairiations of the YCD release, or a hybrid? How exciting!!
  5. I replac d the error sound in windows with the “not in the computer” line
  6. This was the second last cassette single I ever bought! Listened to it just before the album, and was somewhat excited by the single, but a bit scared by Shanti which was the B Side ....
  7. I think she may do a traveling art exhibition mixing all of the themes from her past ventures, present with acosutic or live recordings and not actually tour in person. Then sell it all to us as a multimedia experience three years after we’ve all moved on...
  8. 2022: 40 years in music. That’s when it should happen
  9. Now that’s a must have for the Erotica collection! ;-)
  10. The Erotica is the real deal. Have had her for around five years and she cost me a pretty penny! But around half of its estimated value now ;-)
  11. Also here’s my personal highlights; Some boxed sets, and the infamous Erotica Picture Disc
  12. This is the whole collection. It’s more of a mental illness or lifestyle than a collection...
  13. Ah now I see! I was confused by the rebel heart album being next to Dont tell me. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Haven’t played that since school ;-) I’ll have a go but have never mastered uploading pix.
  14. Nice but I’m very disturbed by the lack of organisation. Mine is chronological...
  15. Discogs