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  1. she tag Klein and Scott erlier we had this Moschino campaign?
  2. new promoo pic
  3. the videos upload in 1080 but damn the q is still like its 360
  4. it was on mn Can't You See My Mind was written and recorded by M and Mirwais for the soundtrack of Die Another Day. The producers asked her to change the song to fit the movie's title into it, like all other Bond movies have done. So, clearly she did. It is often described as a slower electronic song that combines the Colombier strings and some background guitars. It is said there's a part where Madonna is singing acapella. Lyrically, the whole song is questioned, like almost each line is a question in the song. The information on the description of the song came from the infamous Anna, so who knows if it's accurate. But due note that this song is not an early version of "Die Another Day," it's a completely different track.
  5. SHINY AND NEW! :hearteyes::smile:


  6. Ok , how it works today You can have a good downloads numbers but it just irrelevant without streaming. Kylie Minogue NEW SINGLE Dancing UK Downloads 15 (New) Dancing Main chart 47 (New) Dancing reason - low streaming Mylène Farmer new single - Rolling Stone FRANCE (Sales) 1 (new) Rolling Stone - 2,399 copies Main chart 73 (New) Rolling Stone ! The same reason - low streaming And Drake's 'God's Plan' new single surprice drop without any promo or even youtube audio . this week Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 US UK 1 (NEW) God's Plan on sales of 54,513 copies (including 43,342 from streams) Sales the same as Kylie so you can still have dream about Madonna to have hit in streaming era
  7. laurendelialegendary week working in london w the fam and a very special artist. you'll hear soon tag MAVERICK MGMT Starrah and Billboard
  8. Not gonna happen . Like a blue ray / dvd release of Blond Ambition
  9. omg never knew the outtakes from that gorgeous versace set with apple by meisel exist! have someone see more? i also recognize some difference in main pic (the ring on hand that hold apple disapear and neck trouble ) or its unedited and edited versions ?
  10. Thirsty for Rauhofer unleaked mixes Spanish Lesson /Jump / I'm Addicted .... Bedtime Story b roll Rebel Heart instrumentals "Can't You See My Mind" also would be nice did i ask too much ?
  11. For me she looks ok but....Dress is just terrible. Why she stuck on Moschino and Jeremy Scott and his wackjob style Where the hell is Riccardo Tisci and Donatella days...
  12. For those who still think age is not main reason and who still think Madonna last music not good enough to be even in top 100, cause all this crap that top charts today is a waaay better. i mean really? FACT Gwen Stefani: "Used To Love You" hits #20 on the US Pop Radio chart, making Gwen Stefani the first female above the age of 40 since Madonna in 2005 to enter the top 20 on this chart with a solo single (Hung Up peaked at #16) 11 years !! 1 song! and you still say agism is not matter And its only pop radio not main us radio chart! “If you’re not in your twenties they won’t play you on the radio. It’s bullsh*t, but that’s the way it is. “It is disappointing. We live in an ageist society. †If Madonna "Hung Up" and Cher "Believe" was released today radio and streaming not givin it a single damn chance. “Her song ‘Ghosttown’ was a guaranteed Number One for anybody else, but she didn’t get a fair shot,†Diplo has a point. “Ghosttown†was Madonna’s best single in a decade, but couldn’t even crack the top 50 on pop radio! The roll-out of Rebel Heart has been a hot mess from the very beginning, but the casual dismissal of the album’s best tracks reeks of ageism.
  13. Why ppl blame only Madonna for not having hits today/ Cause the only and main reason is the whole music industry. I mean its all about the age, look at the charts .Have you seen artist over 40 yo having hits today? No! Does it mean ALL past pop stars cant write good music anymore ? Def no. Mariah Carey have 18 billboard No. 1 hits. More than anybody im music history. Although her last No. 1 hit was in 2008 and her last top 10 hit also was in 2008. Today charts all about the streaming , sales are dead. You cant have hit in billboard without radio and spotify. Gaga and Britney strugeling to having big streams today in their 30s. And you think Madonna in her almost 60s will have a big streams today? / its just unreal. Deal with it
  14. Wow !" A little Work" video! Akerlund made a masterpiece once again. Save It Til Morning also good!