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  1. Yeah but i'm still waiting for someone to point a real difference between these 2 versions as I never heard one.
  2. Are they supposed to be different ?
  3. I think so too. Maybe we could use the button "like this" to unlock ?
  4. Like a prayer instrumental and the song from the Takara commercial.
  5. My mistake for "She's not me" I was making a confusion with another song. Can anyone share the 6'34 instru of material Girl please ?
  6. I think there are 2 different versions of this one : Borderline (Jellybean TV) - .wav Has this one leaked yet ? Material Girl (Remix TV 6'34) - .wav You probably mean "La Isla bonita" ? True Blue (7" Instrumental 4'24) - .wav (from vinyl) These 2 are exactly the same : She's Not Me (Instrumental) - .wav / She's Not Me (Mix 5 - TV) .wav
  7. The Stems are lossless but they are not exactly the stems of the album version are they ?
  8. Hung up and Isaac are not real wav's. they're mp3 reencoded.
  9. The extended mix of Borderline, there is only one version we have it on "like a virgin and other big hits" on CD. But a few months ago DJPaulT posted a rip he did but he put the intro of the album on it instead.
  10. No this was a DJPaulT montage if I'm not mistaking.
  11. So I'm discovering the radio version, is it just an edit of the album version ? Maybe we could rebuild a digital version of it... edit : actually this sounds like the japanese box version to me, can't find any difference.
  12. There is also a TV track that is different from the dub no?
  13. Trying to give you some help here : 4. Edit (3:58) (It's That Girl Cassette) (Edit of New Mix) => Not the same as the Japanese CD Single Collection. It is a unique mix. 5. Remix Edit/Edit (Radio Version) (3:56) => to me this one is the real 7'' version. From the japanese box. 6. Edit (3:59) (CD Single Collection) => I don't see where is this from. 7. Fade (3:59) => from brazilian 7'' 16. Video Version (3:56) (The Immaculate Collection DVD) (Celebration DVD) => To me it's the same as 5
  14. Yeah it's that girl is the best rip we have so far, but the frequencies are not as high as on a vinyl. But That's not something my ear can detect. The end of the vinyl though is "unhearable".
  15. I would love that too :wink: