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  1. This was most likely the dress rehearsal at Sony Studios Sep 18th, just before she left for London, she arrived in England Sep 22nd
  2. The Tokyo show aired on television there prior to its release. I heard it aired about two weeks after the concert, so first week of July 1987. So they probably only had two weeks to complete production on it. Maybe they did some more work on it after the tv broadcast, not sure.
  3. It is such a toss up. Japan has a better sound mix to me and I like how clean and tight the perfomance is, the crowd is still enthusiastic. Ciao Italia looks and sounds great, but it was the end of the tour and her voice is drier and tired, however she is loose and relaxed and the audience has a much stronger vibe and is much more raucous. The energy is more intense. In Italy It feels like they (Madonna and crew) are flying by the seat of their pants, while Tokyo seems more cautious and regimented. I feel if we ever got a dvd/digital release from the master tapes of the Tokyo show it would look amazing, it still looks great on LD, and if they keep Pat's original sound mix I would be sold on it. The Tokyo show seems more girlish and innocent and the Turin show seems a little more grown up, the sexual energy from the crowd, which Madonna feeds off is great. They did a great job of editing the chanting before ITG in Florence into the start of the Turin performance and it is one of my favourite moments from any Madonna tour. So basically I can't decide, lol.
  4. If WB/Sire put out a single of Madonna's on 3" in 1988 then it would had to have been a promo and extremely rare. No discography lists it (including Goldmine and Record Collector) Like a Prayer has always been listed as the only US 3" CD release for Madonna. In 1987 they only just started releasing her singles on Cassette (WTG was the first and her first cassette longbox single) Of course her albums had been on every format since 1983. In fact Like a Virgin was the first album ever to be released on all available formats from day one of sale, all other artists staggered the releases. LP and Cassette first and CD sometimes weeks later. I have serious doubts WB/Sire ever released any other 3" CD singles for Madonna other than Like a Prayer. Her first 5" CD in the US was Erotica.
  5. @@Liam There were no CD singles in the US of Oh Father and TUTBMP, in fact it seems only casette and 7" were released and WB only released the Oh Father casette with a picture sleeve, making it quite rare. Casettes were still routinely outselling CD back then, CD was still somewhat expensive. In fact the only CD single officially released in the US during the LAP era was LAP on 3" CD which had come in around 1988 and was discarded just after LAP got released in 1989. Keep It Together had a Maxi-CD release but no 2 track CD single. Possibly the LAP single sold better on cassette and vinyl so WB chose not to do CD, remember her fan base was still relatively young back then and CD's were not the cheapest option. WB stated around 1989/1990 they were discontinuing the 7" single, except for artists who sell well on that format. Madonna has always sold well on physical formats and WB continued to issue 7" singles for her until American Life, with that track being the last non-promo 7" released. This is most likely why all 7" releases after Keep It Together in the US had no picture sleeves, as they were not priority releases. WB started issuing cassette singles for Madonna with Who's That Girl? The US had no CD single releases at all for EY, Oh Father and Cherish (which was also only available on 7" and casette/EY had a 12" as well) and any releases you find are either imports or were issues later. TUTBMP did well because A) Radio and MTV supported it strongly B) Anything Madonna released was bound to go top 10 back then C) It had a movie tie in, which would have gotten people who saw the movie to buy it
  6. I love pretty much all the songs from RH, but it does not feel like an album. MDNA didn't either. Both feel like a collection of songs under an umbrella title and it felt like Madonna took a back seat to her producers on both (actually I would put HC in that one as well, but that has more of an album feel to it). Maybe if we got the concept album in two parts that she wanted for RH, it might have been different.
  7. For me the rap is just poorly done. There is a particular rhythm and flow to rap that Madonna's AL just didn't have, it sounds stilted and awkward for me. In 2003 Eminem, Jay Z, Missy Elliot and others were mainstream, so rap was not a niche genre anymore. Plus rap has a certain aesthetic as well. Most rappers needed some sort of street cred to be taken seriously. If she had any of the above rappers doing it for her (I heard she wanted Eminem to do it) people would have loved it. There is a certain delivery that is key to good rap and the public were aware of what good rapping was/is and Madonna didn't cut it. No different than if she decided to do Opera, she might be able to hit certain notes, but her voice just isn't cut out for it. Some styles just don't suit certain people. Imagine Bob Dylan trying to sing like Whitney Houston, would be cringe worthy.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me. Would be beneficial to her Malwai work and other projects. Might be a great way to promote a new album (if one is coming in the next year)
  9. My question is why would you want that? Mainstream music is so vapid, nothing of any value, and all those involved are generally puppets who are too weak to stand for anything unless it is pre-approved (yeah I am looking at you Beyonce) We are currently in the most socially turbulent time since about the 1960's, yet the mainstream music scene is silent. Here are some reasons why I think Madonna has had trouble and why she might not have another top 40 hit. #1 The biggest mistake she made was taking a back seat to her producers, her songs no longer were Madonna songs, they became more the work of her producers with a bit of Madonna thrown in. Also the amount of absolute crap she has put with in more recent years with producers is shocking to me. Sorry, but who here believes someone like Pharell could make Madonna cry and still be alive and working today? Who here believes that Diplo would be missing in action and Madonna would have to chase him down just to get the album finished, or that William Orbit would bitch about Madonna not even being in the studio most of the time. Does that sound like Madonna? Not to me. #2 Radio in the US dumped Madonna in 2003 and never looked back, despite her continuing international success, so she might have a chance for an international hit, but a US hit, not likely. Since 2003 Madonna has become more politically vocal, so she would have alienated a large portion of casual fans who might have liked her music. Those pop singers that do well, generally keep their mouths shut. Taylor never makes political statements, she couldn't even drag herself to the women's march for an appearance despite her girl army antics. Beyonce waited until BLM became popular, jumped on, then jumped right off again once the backlash began, and was silent about the blatant discrimination in Houston against those who are LGBTQ+. Anyone ever hear anything even slightly controversial from Adele? Katy? Any of them? Even Miley with her rebel heart is pretty silent on the big issues. Those who compare her to Madonna, well, no. These pop singers know their audience is not just liberal minded, they have conservative fans too. Madonna doesn't care, she says what she wants and there are consequences for that. #3 Pop singers these days can't even manage a hit without resorting to payola and cheap tricks. Now you have to release every song off the album at once and see which one sticks and promote it, if that fails, just move on to the next song, can you imagine Madonna doing this? They also buy back their own music to give it exposure, buying back is cheap as obviously they get money back on any sale. If you think big stars of today are not doing this, think again. There are certain performers who obviously have industry media in their back pocket. Remember Roger Friedman and Mariah's unholy alliance, or the way Billboard has basically propped Gaga, changing rules and then changing them back and giving her the woman of the year award in a year when she did basically f**k all and had little to no success. Is it any wonder why you will see a song slide down the charts into the abyss, then magically hit the top 10 some weeks later, lol to anyone who thinks a well timed tv performance makes that happen. #4 Back to the ageism, yes it is there, but it isn't just about the media. I know a lot of younger people who will gladly admit Madonna is a legend, but have zero interest in anything she does, they don't care how good it is. Most 20 something year olds just won't listen to anyone in their 50's and 60's. They are apathetic about her, that is basically a sign your mainstream success is done. It feels as if Madonna let go of the idea of mainstream success, so I see her doing more music that is totally against the mainstream (that is my hope) her living overseas will most likely bring a more world music flavour to her songs and it feels like she is more in charge and quite passionate. Really all she needs is to gain back her control in the studio and we will have a solid album. Will this mean a possible hit in the future? Possibly, but frankly I doubt it.
  10. I have added Some Like It Hot for 1986 and updated details on Dead End Street and Sid and Nancy
  11. Just remember Reggie Lucas produced the LP version while Jellybean Benitez produced the single releases, both 7" and 12". Most likely the 7" was a radio edit/single edit of the 12" (my memory is poor but I assume this was the case) Madonna was not happy with the LP 'Madonna' and was pretty vocal about it in interviews in 1984. Jellybean stated Madonna had him come and sweeten up some of the tracks and he was also hired to do the remix for Borderline. Jellybean completed work on the LP around May/June 1983 and the 12" mix was done around Jan 1984, the remix would have given Jellybean more room to create. My guess is Madonna disliked the LP version but loved Jellybean's remix and wanted it used on the single release and video. Try finding all the versions of Burning Up, another track that has multiple versions floating around on official releases.
  12. Open Your Heart was the song that hooked me, so 86/87. Still love that song.
  13. Sorry no, I meant the show we got on Aug 26th was broadcast live in the US probably Canada too, it was not tape delayed or pre-taped. I just meant HBO didn't so much choose between the two shows, they simply had an agreement to broadcast the Aug 26 show live. Well a lot of things could go wrong with a live show, Madonna may have gotten sick, tech problems on the night either from the show itself or HBO, a blackout. So many tech and health issues could have forced a cancellation or postponement. Madonna did cancel her August 3rd show due to illness, so HBO may have been worried about that too. ETA: @@cailohfornia She definitely saves all the shows. Nocturn Productions is the company who does it. They did the same for Michael Jackson. It has been confirmed by someone who works for them they have archived all her shows since WTGT.
  14. My memory is fuzzy, but almost certain the show was broadcast live in the US at least, I am almost certain it was. So they didn't really choose one show over the other. So HBO had no control over it, Madonna decided her look for that night. It would have been good if she had the same look for both shows, we could have gotten a more varied DVD release if they were able to cut both shows together (assuming the 25th was taped) I would not be surprised if they taped the 25th as well as a safety, since anything could have gone wrong for the live broadcast. At least they would have a back-up. After all the Girlie Show we got was the back-up show and not the one intended to be broadcast. So it is definitely possible they went with the same procedure with DWT.
  15. Potentially The Girlie Show was done that way, but it may not have been. I am sure the picture can definitely be upscaled either way, so with the master and a good transfer it could definitely look better. They would have used Australian cameras, sometimes here in Australia we have better tech (sometimes tech that is developed for Hollywood/US) but not sure what kind of cameras/tech they used. I know Japan got HD before the rest of the world, and I was sure the Japan show was shot in HD, but again not sure.