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  3. Tears Of A Clown Tour 2018?
  4. Madonna singing Please Don't Stop The Music & Quit Playing Games With My Heart....
  5. Madonna already did her Look What You Made Me's called Human Nature
  6. The concert footage was shot over 3 nights in Paris and cut together. That's why you noticed the difference with her hair, it's not a wig btw, the ponytail was. The alright American was dubbed for the movie as I said above all the concert footage was done in Paris. I believe the live to tell was done only 1 or the 3 nights.
  7. Do you have Kodi? I sure the add-on exodus has all-stars!
  8. Dress You Up was number 8 on the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) "filthy fifteen", which they found objectionable. The switch to shirts to sheets most likely to stay away from the PMRC eye at the time.
  9. Look at Martika and Fergie lol
  10. Mommie Dearest the book and the movie are two different things. Christina sold the rights but had no input at all with the movie. Many of Joan's friends, Van Johnson, Bob Hope, Myrna Loy, Cesar Romero, Ann Blyth and so on all came forward to say Christina embellished events and stating that Joan was a drunk. Her first husband Douglas Fairbanks JR, Joan's personal secretary Betty Barker, and two adopted twins (shown in feud) came forward as well denied Christina's claims. Helen Hayes, James MacArthur, June Allyson, Rex Reed and Betty Hutton verified some of Christina's stories and witness the abuse firsthand. Joan's co-star in Mildred Pierce, Eve Arden, sided with Christina and believes besides being an alcoholic Joan was bipolar as well. Joan supposedly caught wind of Christina writing her book and cut her and Christopher out of the will, for reasons that they know of... I think it had to do with Joan's public image, Christina wrote what would later be the prototype for Mommie Dearest for the October issue of Rebook in 1960 as " The Revolt of Joan Crawford's daughter" and Christopher's wife Nancy was hospitalized after a fight with Christopher, Nancy slit her wrist. What they never tell is both Christina and Christopher contested the will and granted 55K each. Before Joan moved to New York apartment, she lived in an apartment building own by actress Loretta Young on Fountain Ave in Los Angeles. Christina lived at this apartment in the 70's after moving back from New York according to former boyfriend of Christina's and Joan's designer Carleton Varney. Joan demanded Christina leave the apartment and shift for herself. Joan told Carleton later that she was done helping Christina out every which way possible, with contacts and place to live and that Joan was cutting of Christina just like she did Christopher out of her will. In Christina's book she mentions living on Fountain Ave and being asked to leave on page 232 - 234. My personal belief is Joan did abuse those kids but not as bad as Christina has stated, but abuse is abuse no matter what. Bing Crosby son released a tell-all in 1983 and Bette Davis daughter released a tell-all in 1985 and again in 1987. Neither of these book have harmed a career as much as Mommie Dearest has to Joan Crawford, she will never be remembered for wonderful actress or Oscar winner...just wire hangers.
  11. Thanks
  12. Linda Sarsour, the woman behind the march is pro Sarka Law, which allows children marriage and other disrespects acts against women to go on. Right there...the march is made pointless...the only issue facing women is the cut cost since Obama with planned parenthood, where he cut cost on contraceptives and more money for abortions, because you know it's easier to not teach protection then for them to get abortions. Then you have Madonna who's speech may have been about love but with speaking violence against a national landmark regardless is an act of treason and then to end your speech with suck a dick makes you come off as misandry. After all this you hide behind the fact it was all about love and then make your Instagram account private shows me that while you can light the match you can't handle the flame. You can deactivate your comments on Instagram, Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna have. She has been in the public eye for more than 30 years she has seen the highs and lows that media will do, so if this march was such a great issue you would have made your speech carefully worded and made sure not a word could be used against the cause. Saying fuck is cute at concerts but everyone knows if you want to be taken seriously you chose your words carefully something Madonna did not.
  13. She was there for love and work for women issues. I think making comments like blowing up the white house and telling trump to suck a dick makes her no better than grab them by the pussy. I understand people get into the heat of the moment and she comes off misandry and I don't think that was her point. If she wasn't Madonna I'm sure she would have been taken into custody...