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  1. Hi guys, i want to know if all the HDX files from this: http://www.madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3782-dl-more-hdx-masters-14-uhq-videos-mov are real or fake. The same for this videos: Everybody, Open Your Heart and Ray of Light. @@rcb4real make this post and now i'm in doubt. Thank u all!
  2. Boring but with them we can make alternate video versions!
  3. And if u have links of free versions?
  4. Hi guys, anyone know about a program like adobe premiere pro and encore. I want to make a DVD, i used those but now i have Windows 10 and isn't work with they. I want to edit some parts of a video, add another (with other format) and add subtitles. I have win 10, 32 bits.
  5. Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithfull Time - The Alan Parson Project Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds Kiss and not Tell - La Roux Changes - David Bowie Lolita - Lana Del Rey Poker Face - Lady Gaga No llores por mí, Argentina (spanish version of "Don't Cry...") PLEASE, NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!
  6. U're wrong with "Love Makes..." :( It's hard... i love everything but "Did You Do It?", (I prefer "Waiting") and also "The Beast Within"
  7. I noticed LS but what about Borderline, i can't hear the difference between IC and Celebration :/
  8. @@scamper Yoü forget Rescue Me (Who's That Girl Tour and Burning Up montage)
  9. 01 Sticky & Sweet Tour 02 The Girlie Show World Tour 03 The Blonde Ambition World Tour 04 Who's That Girl World Tour 05 The Virgin Tour (ohh! the interludes are so amazing! and i that Borderline edit sucks :( ) 06 Confessions Tour 07 Drowned World Tour 08 Re-Invention WorldTour 09 Rebel Heart Tour 10 MDNA Tour
  10. so, we need to recreate the 1985 version with 1995 fade-out :mama005: anyway thanks Carlos for the rips!! :D
  11. No! my link it's the official video mix! this is an audio.