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  1. Extremely sad. 28 is no age.
  2. Kylie Minogue

    I'm not much of a dancer so... When I go out I wanna go out Drinking Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah, Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah I wanna go out, I wanna go out Drinking!
  3. Kylie Minogue

    Hope we get a solo version of this on Tour. Currently my fave Golden track...
  4. Kylie Minogue

    Agree! Totally a grower and no skips. My only change is that I've swapped Raining Glitter and Love Raining Glitter flows better from Radio On, Love flows better from Raining Glitter and finally Love definitely flows better into Music's Too Sad Without You. Give it a whirl :-) 01 Dancing 02 Stop Me from Falling 03 Golden 04 A Lifetime to Repair 05 Sincerely Yours 06 One Last Kiss 07 Live a Little 08 Shelby '68 09 Radio On 10 Raining Glitter 11 Love 12 Music's Too Sad Without You (feat. Jack Savoretti) 13 Lost Without You 14 Every Little Part of Me 15 Rollin' 16 Low Blow
  5. Kylie Minogue

    Prefer this vinyl mix also. We just need a good copy of it!
  6. Kylie Minogue

    Thanks Kylie!
  7. Kylie Minogue

    Definitely THE standout track
  8. Looks fab! Ordered mine from Amazon. Might cancel that and get the signed poster.
  9. Kylie Minogue

    Great track!!!!
  10. Kylie Minogue

    Golden ia a good solid album, but wouldn't say it's her best. IP remains her best, most personal album for me.
  11. Kylie Minogue

    Yep, it's leaked and pretty easy to find. Amazed it's lasted this long! Got an e-mail from HMV yesterday - my Clear Vinyl has been posted!
  12. Kylie Minogue

  13. Kylie Minogue

    Best song so far...
  14. Kylie Minogue

    As I predicted... Raining Glitter will be available from midnight. Already available in NZ and Australia right now :-)
  15. From her YouTube: COMING SOON - Pre order Neon Nights 15 Year Anniversary Reissue on: * Vinyl 2×12" Limited edition 180g pink and blue vinyl pressing Individually signed Dannii Minogue print for initial pre-orders (Estimated Shipping: 24.05.18) * Deluxe CD package (33 tracks) Individually signed Dannii Minogue print for initial pre-orders (Estimated Shipping: 24.05.18) * WAV / FLAC 16-bit Lossless * MP3 320 kbps Vinyl will be limited at first but only with a signature from Dannii