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  1. In the old version I was taken on the last page I visited before. With pc or with android phone. Only me?
  2. I love this version. thank you so much for your work. I have some questions: first: How can I hide link? I use *[ hide ]* and *[ /hide ]* with a soundcloud link...I see the player... and it doesn't hide... or it is just for the preview? second: in the old version, when I came back in a topic, I came back on the last page I visited. For exemple if I read the 3 pag of the topic, when I come back and click on the link of that topic, I will be back on 3 pag, In the new version I always be in the first page of the topic. There is something wrong? thanks exemple [Hidden Content] Only me see the player?
  3. I have some Madonna staff to sell. CD, DVD, Tour Book etc. Do you know some place dedicated to Madonna where I can sell? thx
  4. But where are the drums we can see in the workshop?
  5. La vie en rose is not on the tour book too YEAH
  6. Burnig Up? :( Bitch I'm Madonna in the fisrt section? Really? :( Material Girl? :( Like a Virgin? :(NO Hold Tight? :(True Blue Who's That Girl hope Deeper And Deeper
  7. here