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  1. I think Mother! is my favourite film I've watched recently
  2. Blue In The Face has been released in the UK. I'm so stupid lol. Arthur and the Invisibles has been released in Canada
  3. I wish Who's That Girl would get released on blu-ray


    1. Andymad


      Would be nice... however I do believe it is available in HD now on iTunes if you’re into the digital thing!

    2. stormbringer


      I want it in proper full HD though, anything from iTunes looks awful on a 4k display :/

  4. Heartbreak make me a dancer

  5. I wish she'd done more tracks with Andre. If I'm honest half the album I never to listen to anymore. I love Erotica, Fever, Where Life Begins, Bad Girl, Waiting, Rain and Secret Garden; the other tracks I skip.
  6. Adele has confirmed she'll be re-creating Like A Virgin from Blond Ambition Tour
  7. I forgot to mention she is recording the entire album topless
  8. I think she's gonna bring out an album of yodelling
  9. Robert De Niro's waiting

  10. There's clearly no Vs in that conversation. If anything she's lamenting the way things used to be. I tend to think that recently M has been diluted by too many writers and too many producers. I wish she'd lock herself away with someone and go on THAT journey that leads to an amazing album. She has to put in the time and effort as well though, as much as I love Hard Candy and MDNA you can tell she had less input than others on those albums. I don't want generic, god knows I listen to enough of that already.
  11. That's almost identical to the Glastonbury set, I think they dropped Are We In Love Yet but the tracks are the same order. The promo tour I saw at Leicester University which was just before they released Stay (literally a week before I think), setlist was a bit shorter and I might be wrong about the order of the middle section but I seem to recall it was... Break My Heart Red Rocket Heroine You're History Goodbye Cruel World Stay Black Sky I Don't Care The Trouble With Andre Are We In Love Yet Moonchild Catwoman The full tour I saw them at Birmingham's Aston Villa Centre and it was... Heroine You're History Twist The Knife Break My Heart Red Rocket Goodbye Cruel World I Don't Care My 16th Apology Emotional Thing Stay Black Sky Moonchild Catwoman Let Me Entertain You Hello (Turn Your Radio On) Dirty Mind Heaven Is In Your Arms
  12. I can't for the life of me remember what other tracks they performed on the promo tour, I saw them three times that year each time the setlist was different though. Wish they'd release a proper live CD, even the Glastonbury set would be great.
  13. Just stumbled across this recording of them performing live at Town and Country Club in 1992.
  14. How could it hurt you when it looks so good :p

  15. The deal was for ten years (which was up last year 2007-2017). Three tours = Sticky & Sweet, MDNA & Rebel Heart. Three albums = MDNA, The MDNA World Tour & Rebel Heart. The Rebel Heart Tour CD and blu ray/DVD were released through Eagle Rock. Who knows how anything will be released in future :/