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  1. I'm sorry. I would like to defend her but she is absolutely not a good director. She completely sucks in cinema. WE and the other movie are disasters... I can't understand she'd always been huge fan of director such as Visconti, Fellini, Pasolini, Agnès Varda... Making video refering to masterpieces, Fritz Lang's Metropolis in Express yourself or Sayat Nova by Paradjanov in Bedtime story video (where shots are directly imitating shots of this amazing movie !) and then she does something like WE which is just... bad... Can't be good everywhere. So focus on what you are good in, where people come to see and hear you. Cinema is possible for her just because she has a lot of money to produce the movie herself (as she did with 2 first ones)... Ridiculous. I'm sad she is stuck on cinema... It's a nightmare for almost everybody each time...
  2. In Paris I can still find for 20€ Like a virgin & other big hits and Dance mix in few shops... So the word "rare" is not really appropriate. I'm bored with simple reissues....
  3. Justify my love for sure. Probably her best video ever. Than Don't tell me. Such a great time, such a pleasure do watch it, still 18 years after.
  4. 1- Ray of light 2- Erotica For 100% sure !
  5. Don't care about age, slutty, tits and so on. I just care about the mouth...
  6. Kylie Minogue

    Merci by the way !!
  7. Kylie Minogue

    What is the website to get this kind of leaks please ? Thanks.
  8. If only... Some (bad and) rich people invests in fake offshores societies to place their money. Then theses societies disappear to create some others in order not to let clues and traces. It's a fucking system of working that makes rich people more rich than they are but also middle class or poor people are less and less rich TO MAKE IT SIMPLE. If it's not illegal, it's just that it's not controled and that occidental system are easily corrupted. If Madonna's money is really involved in such a traffic, she will really have to reply, explain and justify why do the fuck she's doing that. For me, if it's true, it's the biggest shame of her life. It's normal regarding the money you earn to pay country taxes facing the amount you get. It allows all a country to work well. It's a citizen must to pay for hospitals buildings, police, streets, teaching school and the list is so long. I don't really imagine Madonna managing the subject but her management who place the money and probably off shore but it's still a shame when you have so so so much to cheat and not to behave like a citizen. And Madonna and Bono are preaching us after to open our eyes on the world. Come on. Look at yourself first before trying to give an advise to some one else... As long as it's not clear, it's too early to react but it's possible there will be scandals in the months to come. But it sounds the biggest one is the Queen Elisabeth 2 !! How can she/they do that ? Shame shame shame...
  9. So so true ! "Music has changed" ? No Style of music can changes but music stays music... It's just that Madonna is getting probably lazy. She just cares about dancing since S&ST and she forgets to care about her voice singing. As her team forgets about doing live music. What's the pleasure of listening backing tracks, fake choirs (sorry but HBC and LAP are a bit stupid for me... Why do they let these choirs voices which were recorded for something else but a live... She has 2 back up singers, completeley useless at many moments)... Madonna's voice is drowned among recorded voices. For me music hasn't changed but efforts about music are not what they used to be...
  10. TOAC was a huge surprise and also a disaster. Surprise she was singing her best unknown songs ever but singing over the instrumental album cd is a bit too cheap... This is probably why they have choosen DTM and Borderline that were played live. Sad cos she sang Borderline the same way at Jimmy Fallon late show later. I wish she sing Easy ride in real live condition. I'm sorry but I don't appreciate this performance with playback track... She's Madonna, not a cheap poor little singer who starts her career...
  11. Was the auction tape sold or canceled ?
  12. Unknown producers for sure
  13. Kylie Minogue

    And it will... Collectors like this are expensive the week they are released. The week after, prices are divided by two... As for Record store day... We saw the pink Jap re issue of LAV & other big hits sold at 70€ on ebay... Then 20€... And we don't speak about Kylie who sells half of Madonna... It's just logical.
  14. Kylie Minogue

    C'mon it's Kylie... In 3 weeks it will be basic price... Remember Like a prayer & True blue few month ago (and they were even available in France few weeks after at Fnac so called exclusive...! 1000 copies is a lot for that kind of pressing nowadays...