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  1. This is gorgeous! It looks even better on the ebay pictures!
  2. Is this new album a reunion or something? Where everyone shows up sad and with kids? kii JUST KIDDING

    I hope M's new album sounds just like this

    1. Dazedmadonna


      I want you CuMmmM, CUM CUM CUM :hearteyes:

  4. Those songs are actually Trip-Hop, which has been around for a minute, I know what he did with her was revolutionary, and I LOVE IT, but we don't know what Mirwais in 2018 sounds like. Working with up-and-coming producers would give this album a freshness that mixed with the way Mirwais and M work together would be incredible. Edit: And by up-and-coming producers, I don't mean whatever fucking DJ is cool now, I've always loved it when she works with people that challenge her (just like Mirwais did) and the end result is something unexpectedly amazing. I really hope that they don't try to recreate what they made years ago, but try to make something new and different.
  5. I need Warner/Madonna and Interscope to stop reissuing this and LAP and release her live albums and the RH EP on vinyl.
  6. Plot twist: She wanted to write #Mambo but her autocorrect fucked up
  7. I like the fact that they may be working with younger producers as well. I love what she did with him but I'm afraid that it could sound dated.

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    2. discohub


      If this forum turns into a Mirwais hating place, I swear I'll unplug the Internet. FOR EVERYBODY.

    3. Liam


      @poserdemadonnayou're entitled to your opinion, but gee, I don't see why anyone would be so abhorrent to his work. He and Madonna created a lot of versatile music. They did a lot of experimenting.  And while I love a lot of her classic pop sounds, I certainly welcome what they did together.

    4. DickTracy


      I'm over the moon that she is (allegedly) working with Mirwais again!!! Seriously elated, beaming happy. 

  9. I honestly don't enjoy LAV. I love it because it's one of her most iconic eras but I never find myself casually listening to it (except Angel and LDLHA).
  10. Like a Virgin #3??? Choices.
  11. YOOOSSSSSS I love femmeBOP but IMO Track 10 is her best song.
  12. Out of My Head had a bigger radio appeal (which still doesn't explain why they choose that since it wasn't sent to radios), but yes, Backseat is miles better. I love everything she's done, especially after she started to work with A.G. and SOPHIE. Vroom Vroom is still my favvvvvv
  13. So, as some of you may know, I'm a huge XCX fan. In my opinion, she's the only person that's innovating in mainstream pop ATM and is an amazing songwriter and musician. Here some tea about miss Charli. Charli XCX is an English singer and songwriter. Her releases include four mixtapes (Heartbreaks and Earthquakes and Super Ultra in 2012, and Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 in 2017), two studio albums (True Romance in 2013, Sucker in 2014 and TBA probably never), and two extended plays (including Vroom Vroom in 2016.) The songs "Boom Clap" and "Doing It" earned XCX her first two top-ten singles on the UK Singles Chart as a lead artist; the former reached the top-ten of several charts worldwide. As a featured artist, she reached number one in the UK with Icona Pop's "I Love It" and number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 with Iggy Azalea's "Fancy". Do you guys like her music? If so, what are your favorite releases from her?
  14. She was going to work with Kendrick Lamar on RH but due to the leaks she wasn't able to. She was also supposed to work with Sia and Bonnie Mckee during MDNA.