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  1. I'm in Los Angeles and there were quite a few screening parties at various bars showing MDNA when it premiered. I haven't heard anything this time around. Anyone heard anything?
  2. Yes, but there has already been an official dvd release in The Netherlands. That's what I'm looking for...any import sites anyone knows about that ships to the US?
  3. I am in the US and have been trying to find the dvd released in Holland. I can't find any shops that will ship to the US. Can anyone help?
  4. Does anyone have this? I'm wondering if Like A Virgin and Lucky Star are really rehearsals or simply the live tracks tacked onto it.
  5. I've seen a couple places where a few of the products are for sale online but the prices are crazy expensive (like 5-800 USD!). With the new range out, I was wondering if any of them are more affordable. Are there any Japanese fans that can make a list of what is available now along with the actual store prices?
  6. I have a couple ticket options available. I can be in the last row on the floor before the heart (so I would be closer to the stage but the heart would be behind me) OR I can be in the first row OFF the floor looking at the heart directly from the side....I've avoided seeing anything from the show really, so which ticket would you get? Thanks!
  7. Let's start a list of all the official remixes that have been released from Rebel Heart including Tidal and other streaming exclusives... LIVING FOR LOVE Djemba Djemba Club Mix Erick Morillo Club Mix Thrill Remix Offer Nissim Living for Drama Mix Offer Nissim Dub DJ Paulo Club Mix Mike Rizzo's Funk Generation Club Dirty Pop Remix GHOSTTOWN Offer Nissim Drama Remix Armand Van Helden Remix S-Man Mix Razor N Guido Remix Mindskap Remix Don Diablo Remix Dirty Pop Intro Remix DJ Mike Cruz Mix Show Edit Thrill Remix DJ Yiannis String Intro Mix A Paul Andrews Reconstruction Mix RedTop’s If I Were a Carpenter Remix BITCH I'M MADONNA Fedde Le Grand Remix Rosabel’s Bitch Move Mix Sander Kleinenberg Remix Junior Sanchez Remix Oscar G 305 Dub Sick Individuals Remix Dirty Pop Remix Flechette Remix Oscar G Bitch Beats Rosabel’s Bitch Move Dub