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  1. OMG -- I can't watch it. But I'm unable to sleep from excitement. And it's 6 am now where I am. I just can't sleep till I know which songs they did !! :=) Please keep me posted as they come ! lol
  2. Most definitely ! That's what I thought too.
  3. Whatever she does is gonna be great -- as long as it's not Borderline twice as slow as she did on Jimmy Fallon.
  4. I had been a fan since 1985 -- my friend bought me a ticket to see the DWT in 2001 --- I wasn't even thinking about it and never thought I'd see her -- but then it happened -- she came rolling forward through the smokey stage - big grin on her face - everyone was screaming -- my jaw dropped (I had all the posters and vinyls somewhere back home - but this was real-time!)
  5. What is this sh*t
  6. I'm going to get one hopefully -- don't shoot me for saying this - but I find it strange that the comparison between the re-issued vinyl and original is [i don't know what adjective to use]. For instance -- I have the original Something To Remember album on vinyl and the dynamics are great -- powerful --- but the re-issued one .-- I have to crank my stereo all the way up to hear something that sounds like a monochrome cassette. You know what I'm talking about. Same with "Virgin & Other Big Shits" original japanese VS. pink vinyl re-issue. I would have thought technology today and all these 200 gram vinyl da da da would be a justifiably awesome listening experience.
  7. I would love a new copy of BS.
  8. I swear I read it in some interview a couple of years ago that he was originally commissioned to shoot the shows - but then things evolved and changed and Alek was brought in. It sounds incredible but who knows. Maybe someone can find the link for the article. I don't remember which site it was on.
  9. here we go Express Yourself - demo Like a prayer album instrumental Lucky Star – first album – instrumental Papa don’t preach instrumental Where’s the Party – True blue album instrumental Crazy for you instrumental Crazy for you demo used in movie (full HQ) Gambler demo used in movie (full HQ) (Warning Signs) That Boston 1983 performance - CNY (club new york) Express Yourself MTV Awards - HQ Master logo free Express Yourself video b-roll Blond Ambition – Barcelona - HQ Master logo free Full Virgin Tour – Pro – 13 songs Over 200 hours of footage for Truth or Dare – incl. The concert footage – And didn’t David Fincher shoot all the shows in Japan on film .. ? Well, I want that ! lol. Bonus: (All Holiday 1983/84) TV appearances - HQ – full - logo free – incl. Passeport / Hip hop / etc.
  10. Amazing . .... (the second guitar / plocking might be turned up a bit) ... but it's cool.