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  1. Onve again M has made my week
  2. Has anyone seem any pics of her with Guy O?
  3. I dont live in a city so my record store is so small only 5 pepole at a time are allowed and they only had 3 of each of the M releases and they had started queuing a 5 the day before so had to be there to guarantee i could get then at normal price....
  4. Got both this morning after a 9 hour queue tired but happy
  5. Yeah for some reason it won't let me post the screen grab
  6. just bagged myself one how much would you pay for one asking for a friend haha
  7. label is different to last years releases has this time it states UK ONLY
  8. Just had an email from livenation the tshirts are in the post
  9. Thanks mate
  10. Has anyone received an email from about dispatch yet?
  11. oh right i havent even got an email say they have been shipped