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  1. Please! This is a plead for any member here that got hold of a digital copy of this demo cd (and I know for a fact there are at least 5 users with it)... this is the year to share it with us!!
  2. I wish this one would leak
  3. amazing work!!!!!
  4. it is paraguay is known for having bootlegs of EVERYTHING and I mean EVERY LITTLE THING
  5. Another gem that will fall into collectors' hands and the rest wont be able to hear
  6. he could at least let us hear the demos for the songs that were in fact released i dont think he'd get in trouble by doing that! would LOVE to hear the LAP demo... and Spanish Eyes!
  7. would love to get that!!! it really bothers me how the songs are cut
  8. same here, I need to detete some! dont want to keep any fakes!
  9. so, this version is pretty good dont know if her vocals were filtered from cancelling britney's vocal stems or what... but they sound great
  10. im sure they will leak eventually
  11. could be? I dont remember Im looking for the scan of it that popped up on ebay
  12. yup, pretty much like Drowned World blends with Swim (for example) and im sure there were longer outros (or intros) seeing the demos orbit posted
  13. Hi, does anyone remember there was an early version of the album that popped up on ebay? It was an internal/promo copy with some differences in the tracklist order (I think) and longer times for some songs? thanx!
  14. I hope the ppl that have this will be nice to share it for the 20th anniversary!