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  1. She didn't allow the first one either, but he didn't care, he had the rights. It was his revenge for her re-mixing all of his songs with Shep Pettibone and releasing those versions as singles. Apparently Keep It Together was the last drop and they never spoke since.
  2. The last one to do that
  3. Spot on. "What I appreciate is that she dared to play album tracks during the Tears of a Clown gigs. That was awesome and led me to believe it was the music she wanted to make at the time" She is obviously proud of all her songs, but she will publicly do whatever is necessary to maintain her career, that's why she lasts for so long. I thinks she loves the AL album. I hope one day she will release a compilation of her favourite songs from her career, like some artists do.
  4. Can't remember if she released it for like a day and then pulled it, or she never released it, but it was heavily teased and advertised. I clearly remember seeing parts of it on TV before it was supposed to be released. But that was enough to cause the damage. Because everybody's seen those parts and everybody knew what it was about. And everybody knew there was a nasty scene with George Bush in it (the high commander in the ongoing war), I remember seeing that scene in a TV show, there was a whole talk about it. And it was just a nasty time to hit on American patriotism like that. You can provoke with sex and whatnot, and you will just gain controversy and people will talk about you, which is what she wants anyway. But if you talk about issues like war at a time like that, you will just be shut down, nobody will mention you anymore. And that's what happened to her for the first time in her career. And I think that's when she panicked and we got a whole new Madonna which is still around today lol
  5. Of course she would say that. But I think her greatest ability is to get the best out of any situation. Everything she's done since 2003 seems like damage control after AL. Shame because it is a beautiful album. One little mistake of releasing that infamous AL video and a not so good song as the first single, cost her everything in the US, and she is still paying. If Hollywood was the 1st single I think the album would have achieved greater success.
  6. Yes. Although the damage control began as early as 2003 MTV VMA Awards with Xtina & Britney, the GAP commercial with Missy, Remixed & Revisited and finaly Me Against The Music with Britney. I would assume not by her choice. The label was probably like.. erm, we need to fix this, ASAP
  7. Spotify holds mostly deluxe editions. Exactly, only for physical releases as labels can cash in more
  8. I agree. Although when you listen to that Everybody demo, it really isn't as good as the album version. Ain't No Big Deal would seem a better choice on the first listen. Sooo glad they didn't
  9. I consider Deluxe editions of MDNA and RH to be standard (or essential). The other ones are just albums cut in half so record labels can make more money on albums with different covers. It's even worse for other artists. For example Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys latest albums had the first 2 singles as tracks on Deluxe editions ONLY.
  10. Just because you heard something 30 years ago doesn't mean the information is correct. Over and out.
  11. And my sources are the guy who made that tape and the guy that personally walked her to Seymore Stein
  12. What's your source? I gave you all my sources
  13. And if you read the interview with Michael Rosenblatt you can see that Stein wanted to sign her as soon as he heard A1 of that tape which was Ain't No Big Deal. Not "solely based on Everybody". It was even considered as the first single for a short period of time
  14. Yes it's been well documented for years. on Wikipedia. I can edit the Wikipedia right now if I wanted to. I have no reason to doubt what Bray explicitly said and wrote on the liner notes of the album. And besides even way before the album I knew that "Stay" was on that tape, I just thought it was Burning Up instead of Don't You Know.
  15. Facts facts facts just dry facts, you don't have to copy the Wikipedia. Whatever dude. Get the Pre-Madonna album and read what Stephen Bray said about which 4 songs got her the Sire deal with Seymore Stein