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  1. DAAAAMNNN I was 8
  2. who wants to talk??:Madonna019: 

  3. i'll post it again, so sorry for that
  4. how does the "RANK" works???:Madonna034:

    1. MadgeSlave


      You mean the green-ish points? These are points you get if the others members like/react to your posts. The more points you'll have, better your rank will be.

      Also, if you keep posting, the amount of posts translate into your ''Display Name'', which means the more posts you do, the more singles name you have.

    2. Illumadonna


      and why I can't put reactions anymore? 

  5. exist a chat with all the members?? let me now...:01:

  7. mad should collab with him again...
  8. is this? am I wrong?
  9. need that 2
  10. I have a zip file if you want..
  11. i converted all the files..
  12. OMG THANK YOU!!!! YOU SAVED ME.... BUT... why the bass sounds different?
  13. HI, i'm new here and I have to ask you something... My fav song (as you can read) is Sorry, BUT I can't find ANYWHERE the official instrumental... doesn't it exist? IMPOSSIBLE... so I need your help to find it somewhere.. P.S years ago I had a zip file where you can find ALL THE STRUMENTS used in this song (strings,guitars etc..) Soooo you have that file, by any chance? Thank you so much, if you help me...