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  1. We're all so thirsty for new Madonna music. Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.
  2. Spot on, Liam. It irritates me how women are constantly doing the impossible to earn as much respect as men in the music business. They work much harder but ageism and misoginy is still very much intanct.
  3. Nowadays artists put out EP's or a couple of promotional singles before releasing an album. Take Troye Sivan for example. His label already divulged 3 new tracks this year and his album will be released in its entirety this August. He's already profiting greatly from these buzz releases because his extremely dedicated fanbase have been playing his latest songs none stop via streaming services or purchasing them on iTunes. It'd be cool if M's team took new approches.
  4. I wonder why Madonna chose to perform a snippet of a new track at the Met Gala with nothing to follow up on....the publicity should’ve been enough to get the ball rolling with a single or some kind of announcement. I just don’t see the purpose of waiting. That being said, it makes sense if her team is planning to release M14 during Autumn. Madonna might finish the record this summer, then when she's on holiday, it’ll be mixed, cover art will be finalized etc.
  5. I didn’t say anything about G***. I’m genuinely puzzled as to why you even brought that up although I agree with you that Madonna had every right to call out that narcissistic idiot.
  6. You hit the nail on the head. Ever since Madonna was a child she had something that Marilyn sadly never had, which is resilience. If you don't have tough skin, you will most definitely NOT survive for long in Hollywood.
  7. It's embarassing how M's first 3 albums were the only ones submitted to a remastered edition.
  8. It feels like Madonna is the cat that taught the seagull to fly. She is giving off the impression she knows M14 will blow our minds. Exciting times are ahead, bitches!
  9. I'm loving Madonna's current ethereal image and I pray it continues into the new era. The Pre-Raphaelite look she rocked at the Met Gala was captivating, particularly with the pig tails and the crown. Her style team should emphasize in all sorts of eye-catching headpieces from now on. An outdoor photoshoot would also be a refreshing strategy to generate hype. It could focus on the 4 elements of nature as it'd allow Madge to toss aside black leather and lace for a while.
  10. I read this as Bride of Chucky at first
  11. Deluxe Edition: 13. Burritos (feat. Nicki Minaj) 14. FedEx, I’m Really Madonna 15. Rose Mist (feat. Kim Kardashian-West) 16. Tarin Skillets
  12. I sincerely hope Madonna’s team isn’t out of touch with the current climate in pop culture and actually bother to improve their promotional strategies. The music industry and therefore consumerism have changed significantly since the Rebel Heart era. Spotify has a total of 170 million subscribers. They need to record some form of ad to promote both the lead single and the album. Divulge a snippet of the song and an audio message from M saying "Hi, this is Madonna and here’s my new single. Listen to it right now on Spotify". That’s what literally everyone else does nowadays. It’s also relatively easy to lock a deal with Spotify to place her songs on their most relevant playlists. "Today's Top Hits" has 20M+ followers and "New Music Friday" has 2.5M+. Obtaining a lot of banners on iTunes when the lead single and the album come out is undeniably imperative. Paying for promotional tweets and posts on Instagram is yet another brilliantly clever tactic of introducing Madonna to a whole new generation. We get access to commercials every day on our timelines or when we’re watching stories.
  13. I’m bored so I came up with a random track listing for M14: 1. Feed the Wolves 2. Beautiful Game 3. Wanted Heaven 4. Mary Magdalene 5. Genesis 6. Night Vision 7. If They Let Us 8. Monument 9. Silver Platter 10. Lisbon Midnights 11. Carpe Diem 12. Can’t Help Falling In Love feat. David Banda
  14. Even though that track listing for M14 is undoubtedly fabricated, I was admittedly intrigued by Lisbon Calling.