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  1. It makes more sense saying she was inspired by Debbie Harry, one of her idols. Madonna and Loredana met once in NY anyway but nothing wedding dress related lol
  2. Far from beautiful, it's a travesty, sorry, Let's agree to disagree.
  3. Absolutely! Illuminati in particular is so amazing, I don't listen to it a lot somehow but when I do I'm always impressed. Truly a brilliant track. The demo sounded like a Gaga cut, seriously Living for Love really comes to life in its final form and so does Inside Out, her vocals on IO resonate a lot compared to the good but kinda repetitive demo.
  4. Guys, I say this as a Avicii fan, the original demos he did with her are among the most basic beats of his career. The lyrics were perfect, the melodies were perfect, her vocals too but that production was tired. It only worked in his smash album True, back in 2013, magic only happens once. Album versions are far superior. We could argue about RH (I still prefer the finished one) or Beautiful Scars.....but Devil pray, WAOM? really? The WAOM demo is what people have trashed MDNA for for years, literally nothing about that demo makes sense, it's like doing a club version of Live to tell. Kanye turned that mess into one of the best ballads of her entire career. I anticipated a Madonna-Avicii collaboration long before they actually announced it and it turned out in countless True-esque tracks Madonna somehow managed to turn into gems in their final form. I still love the Beautiful Scars demo though, glorious.
  5. 1. Holiday 2. Like a Virgin 3. Material Girl 4. Live to Tell 5. Papa don't preach 6. La Isla bonita 7. Like a Prayer 8. Express Yourself 9. Vogue 10. Justify My Love 11. Erotica 12. Frozen 13. Ray of Light 14. Music 15 Hung Up 16 Bitch I'm Madonna Edit: Into The Groove too
  6. One of the best songs she's done this decade.
  7. Many (if not all) RH tracks could be singles. Rebel Heart would be a freaking GH album if the general public wasn't morally against buying great music today.
  8. Ghosttown: the global smash that never was. There was no reason for it not to smash, no matter the excuses M fans always come up with. It's all about ageism and M not fitting in this youth oriented music scenario, like every single veteran artist....and get ready because it'll be much worse next era. If she manages to succeed I'll be the happiest fan on earth but it's not realistic.
  9. Don't think this is for MDNA Skin either.
  10. This. All of this. Instead we have 2 or even 3 uploads for the same video over multiple channels, heavily affecting the views.
  11. There's already an upload in perfect video and audio quality on Warner's channel, why upload this amateur low quality mess on her channel now? Her team at its most embarassing.