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  1. I love this new update .
  2. I can not stand most of hard candy, MDNA and Rebel heart songs.
  3. Your Honesty to me sounds really good.
  4. Not the Song Girl Gone Wild. I mean the act. It goes with the setlist.
  5. I would Remake the Drowned World Tour (This Is My Paradise) 2001 Act 1 Punk Rock Drowned World - Opening Drowned World Substitute For Love Impressive Instant Candy Perfume Girl Beautiful Stranger Ray Of Light Act 2 - Geisha Paradise (Not For Me Interlude) Frozen/The Power Of Goodbye (Mash) (After the You hold the key, the power of goodbye smashes & Thunder sounds blast at the start) Nothing Really Matters Mer Girl/Runaway Lover (Smash) Act 3 Hindu/ Country - Here, madonna is wearing 2 costumes Swim (Interlude) (world Problems,indian violence in india & the aftermath of the 9/11 Attacks) Nobody's Perfect Skin/Shanti Ashtangi (After first Verse, Shanti Ashtangi Kicks in, Hindu women start dancing Hindu style) Don't Tell Me (yanks wig off at chorus then Rips Of Hundu Costume at the start of drums ensing an acoustic verse Now in her cowgirl costume & starts dancing) I Deserve It Gone Spanish Veras (Video Interlude) Lo Que Siente La Mujer La isla Bonita Spanish Eyes Dear Jessie ENCORE Music ///////////////////////////// This Is My Story World Tour 1996 (Promoting Bedtime stories & repromoting Erotica since Girle show was short) Act 1 - Christian Sanctuary (Interlude) Bedtime Story Sanctuary Take A Bow Rain Your Honesty Act 2 - Catholic Keep it together Cherish Don't stop Act Of Contribution (Interlude) Like A Prayer Deeper & Deeper (Jazz Remix) Act 3 - Girl Gone Wild Human Nature Bad Girl Bye Bye Baby Erotica Act 4 - Goin' Groovy Catch The Fever (Interlude) Fever Everybody (Elememts Of Sanctuary) Secret (Junior Luscious Remix) Waiting (Elements Of Express Yourself, Into The Groove & Bedtime Story)) Vogue (With Elements Of Deeper & Deeper) Encore - Express Yourself Lucky Star
  6. This Is My Paradise World Tour (1999) Act 1 - Geisha The Power Of Revenge (Interlude) Sanctuary/To Have & Not To Hold (Mixed) Mer Girl Frozen Human Nature Nothing Really Matters Act 2 - Hinduism/ Yoga What Fits (Video Interlude) Sky Fits Heaven (Opening) Shanti Ashtangi Secret Little Star (Closing Scene) Cyberagga (Yoga & Rock Interlude) Act 3 - Rock & Love Run Bedtime Story Ray Of Light Swim Candy Perfume Girl Liquid Love/ Drowned World Smash Dress You Up/Burning Up Act 4 - Spanish Buenos Aires (Evita Cuban Interlude) La Isla Bonita (Salsa Remix) Dear Jessie I'm Going Bananas Verás (You'll see Spanglish) Don't Cry For Me Argentina Act 5 - Something To Remember Ballad Segment Crazy For You (Video Interlude) Take A Bow I Want You Something To Remember/Your Honesty Smash Act 6 - Disco/ ENCORE (Goin' Back) Deeper & Deeper/Vogue Into The Groove/Spotlight Like A Virgin/Lucky Star ENCORE Papa Don't Preach/Material Girl/Evita/Hello Chant
  7. Im sorry... Not piano stem... The come on stems
  8. Sharyn Maceren !!!!!!!!! Queen of the new age freestyle!!! Don't ever go
  9. Sharyn Maceren is my idol. She covered madonnas "everybody" Advance Info - She is a latin freestyle artist and is currently working on a new album.
  10. There are originally about 48 stems as what i heard and the 39 WAV tracks are "low" in quality and is missing stems.
  11. Actually you can also hear them on the original version as well. In the lead vox madonna is a little off key and what i hear is a more childish and on key. (If im making sense hear) (You can hear it in live out your fantasy.. Ect)
  12. I just found out that there is more to the background vocals. I was listening to the Piano stem of into the groove and really low you can hear - the background vocals of 'live out your fantasy... Get into the groove... Ect. You can also hear it on the 2003 remix "into the hollywood groove. Does anybody have this??
  13. Does anybody have filtered acapellas for nothing fails and american pie?
  14. Madonna is very impatient to record music THAT long.. Vocals could been repeated or switched around in the song or maybe the rest is inst
  15. Is don't tell me instrumental on the music promo dvd the same length to the CD instrumental