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  1. I think most of us need to understand that most of M's music videos were made during the analog pre-HD era (NTSC 4:3) so as much as it will say “1920x1080p” or “HD" online... honey it really isn't. People can upscale all they want to today's HD standards but until Madonna's camp/WB does an official HD remaster of her videos into TRUE HD and release them commerically... they're just altered versions of the original 4:3 music videos. The only TRUE HD videos are those released on YouTube/Online during the MDNA & RH eras. Maybe the videos during the COADF & HC eras were shot in HD but as far as we know, they're still 4:3 on the official home video releases. Just wanted to clarify on that :kiss:

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    2. cailohfornia


      @wtg1987I know! If these people wanna make easy fucking money why not just restore all MJ’s & M’s videos in blu-ray? ARGH like just do it for the money, fuck man! Hahaha and the world will be a better place for us stans.

    3. Liam


      Again, the visual quality I expect, but that inside a barrel sound is quite embarrassing for an official Madonna channel. There's no justification for it when we know it can sound much better than that on youtube, even if it's not HD or HQ.  It's just ridiculous.  I'm disappointed.  Whomever is uploading these videos are only diminishing her legacy and sound. 

    4. Liam


      The weird thing; it's not all the uploads where the sound is "coming from a barrel".  "Don't Cry For Me...", "Gambler", "You'll See" and a few others sound pretty great.  However, "Who's That GIrl", "This Used To Be My Playground, " and "I'll Remember" (just to name a few) sound awful. 


  3. The song is "LOVE FOR TENDER" you guys! Madonna's awesome attempt at the Debbie Harry / Pat Benatar sound (1978 to 1982 post punk?) Cue wishlist of Madonna releasing her pre-Madonna ska/postpunk songs so a lot of us can be more well-versed about that era! I fucking love "Crimes of Passion" that appeared on Pre-Madonna in the late 1990s. NB: Can't wait for this! Been bugging Guy Guido about the release dates and it's sometime this Summer. 40 years after the mythical "I went to New York, I had a dream" story!!! Yasss
  4. Omg I'm on an 80s binge thanks to READY PLAYER ONE. I need more Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox, & Tears For Fears in my life! :hearteyes:

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    2. cailohfornia


      @LiamI can't even begin to agree with you more! You're fortunate to have lived through the simplistic yet excessive era of hypercolors and amazing music -- the 80s. Argh!!!!!! The nostalgia for the 80s is still so pervasive today. Even though I know it's a cycle in pop culture, this kind of 80s resurgence will apparently be around for another 10 - 15 years. Followed by the less impactful 90s revival that will follow in about 2030. But man!

    3. Liam


      I think 80's will always be cemented in pop culture, much like the 50's are.  The 90's had been less eventful, so I can see a huge resurgent from that period. But I hear and see hints of it from time to time. 

    4. Steffmad


      80 ties best time in my life with Music...worse in Clothes 


    omfg Kylie Minogue's new album sounds so good yassss 

  6. THE PLAIN FACT IS and we all need to just get the fuck over it lol. TODAY IS TODAY. 2005 was 2005. 1998 was 1998. 1980s were 1980s. Things change. People change. Trends change. Music production changes. So yeah... we can’t really say “oh it should be done like how it was in year/decade ______” Like um.... NO miss Thing! The present is the present and we just have to accept whatever comes along. We don’t have control so we might as well let go of it and many other usual expextations we have of M before a new era. So yeah... just let it will be kitty girls
  7. seriously LATINOS DO IT BETTER. BIGGER AND BETTER. #MadonnaLikesHerLatinoJellyBEAN #ImeanCHORIZO
  8. I AM SO DOWN FOR MADONNA COLLABING WITH LATINO PAPIS NICKY JAM & J BALVIN omfg! Not even joking! Better than her collabing with all these black urban/rap artists that are so hyped today, shit! #LatinoPower #FuerzaLatino #LatinosDoItBetter
  9. I want the new album to be CUMBIA giphy.gif

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    2. poserdemadonna


      She could cover a Selena song :hearteyes:

    3. cailohfornia


      @poserdemadonnaI am so all for it! I can hear her doing “Amor Prohibido” so elegantly lol. Or make a cumbia hit for herself! Reina!

    4. poserdemadonna


      Well, that's a rhythm she has never played with before, so it could be something interesting

  10. THIS IS FOREVER GONNA BUG ME. LOL. That they didn't choose to film one of the shows where she had straight lush hair!!! Argh! She looked stunning in it with that red kilt! We said a full recording of the Barcelona show is somewhere in HBO's vaults that have still yet to see the light of day. Excerpts of this are seen on the the HBO Pre-show!!!
  11. Please go watch this if you can. It's on Netflix US! I've been bald since I saw it last week cause it's so fucking good, y'all won't regret it I promith :cry:


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    2. Frank


      "La Llamada" has been really successful here in Spain!.

    3. cailohfornia


      @AndymadCAMP musicals at its finest!!! You will love it forever!!! 

    4. cailohfornia



      That's what I have been reading about! It is sooo good I wonder if there will be a US adaptation. In Mexico they did their own theater version starring the iconic Laura Zapata (queen!) as Sor Bernarda! 

  12. Two things about M showing her "recording" sessions for the new album 1) Reminds me of the pre-MDNA, & esp pre-RH eras in which she was very open about the recording process (well duh social media.) While this is all creating people abuzz and hyped throughout... I also think it builds up a lot more pressure and an even greater expectation for M since we're all treated to her "creative process" first hand so that when the new stuff comes out, people and many of us will really be scrutinizing it as opposed to if she had not been showing the world. I hope in the end it turns out better though. Little photos of her in front of a mic etc for me is enough to tide me over without knowing a lot of creative details (which she tends to hint at at times.) 2) The setup reminds me of the RoL recording sessions here in Los Angeles (as was seen in the MTV special "Ultrasound: Inside Madonna." Small intimate environment surrounded by an aesthetic that Madonna feels stimulated and inspired by is good! Love it. Remember her little "recording booth" on the MTV special? Hopefully this yields many many good results! And may she take her time! Don't care if it new stuff comes out late November
  13. No! Saw her during RHT in San Diego. About 20 - 30 feet away from the end of the catwalk during the acoustic section! GORGEOUS from all angles!!! You're way too lucky to have seen the Confessions Tour !!!
  14. I don't believe she did unfortunately. She was literally there for 16 minutes and left the building/department store. 16 minutes of up close Madonna is worth standing 3 hours for! Some people were there since 09am and 11am so yeah! All worth it
  15. @LiamI can't even compose myself to find all the right words to describe her and the experience. It is such an inexplicable high that after it ends, it seemed like it was all a blur! That's what I felt! You are right and I can attest to it more than ever: PHOTOS don't do her as much justice as seeing her even 12 feet away. I don't know if it's our innate love for her but seeing her in person is such an astral experience. She is way way way more perfect! All I remember was her porcelain skin, gorgeous thick eyebrows, her cut jawline... and for some reason no sign of fillers at all as opposed to how she looks in photos/videos of late! I JUST SAW IMMACULACY and yes she truly is a creamy smooth pop icon goddess through and through! Hopefully many of members here will get to experience and up close look or even closer! One must!