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  1. Oh my God...

    1. Liam


      While I enjoy hearing the Demo version, but thank goodness they did more with the song. This sounds so dreadful and dreary.  But what is cool is to hear how far a song can come from Demo to finished version.

    2. cailohfornia


      I definitely enjoyed this one too! Love the COMPLETELY different meaning the chorus had produced with just a change of a couple of words! This demo is less melodic but still is pretty solid I think. Gives me Enya/super New Age world music vibes... just wow. However, the final version is the best. Nothing will beat Orbit's guitar instrumentation on it. 

  3. Pisces Season is here, yay! Also, Ray Of Light was released during Pisces season and not surprisingly, the album and era contain a lot of water/liquid/aqua/blue elements, themes, and imagery. Or maybe I'm overthinking it


  4. I'm really loving the new prefix tags on the multimedia, especially on the Video section! Thank you to those who have already prefixed their past topics with the appropriate tags. I AM SURE FOR MANY OF US (ME!) this calms the Mild OCD a bit lol! Keep prefixing past posts you guys! Thank you Madonna InfiniTEAM again for the recent update! :kiss:

    1. Fighter


      Still lots of work to do... especially closing threads with dead links

  5. I truly like the new update and new look! I also love the tagging prefix on the multimedia. I will make sure all mine are tagged accordingly. This community and site keeps becoming a marvel. Thank you for EVERYTHING @Fighter and team!
  7. LOVE SPENT is her worst song to date. I mean the album version. Pitched vocals, videogame blips, forgettable and non-danceable beat. Bleh. Followed by Spanish Lesson.
  8. Nowadays they're doing covers of Cyndi Lauper on their LP
  9. That's true. However on some shows when the hair was straight, after vigorous shaking or dancing the hair still looked clean/straight lol. On some shows (Chicago and Atlanta I believe) she had the similar "unkempt" hair look as the 2nd Detroit show/HBO broadcast. Of course it was how it was styled or done for that show but personally it bothered me since I know she looked so fierce with that straight blond hair. I didn't like the waviness around the ears area that when it was loose, the wavy part looked stiff and unbroken. But all a matter of personal taste in the end
  10. Awesome. I ended up figuring it out! Thanks a billion for your help!!! Much love!
  11. I thought so! And I did eventually end up extracting the original MPEG-2 video from the MKV container! Thank you so much again!
  12. Yes like the archaic MADONNALICIOUS.COM gallery! (memories flooding back lol) It was my first Madonna online photo gallery back in 2003 and it's still there today I believe! So yeah... if there is time and resources, a photo gallery organized by decade would be the whipped cream on top!
  13. WAIT! Downloaded the 32-bit version of MKVToolNix. Then downloaded gMKVExtracGUI separately as well. Now where do I put the unzipped files from gMKVExtractGUI? It has the program then some configuration settings (has gears on the icon). Do I just drag those files onto the MKVToolNix C:/ Program File directory? Or make a separate folder on my C:/ directory? And if I wanna open/extract an MKV file which do I open...? MKVextract or gMKVExtractGUI? Thank you so much.
  14. Oh I see! Didn't know of this. I downloaded so many programs/softwares and only yielded quality loss and frame rate drops. However I shall def give this a try! I did notice that when I go to the video properties on the MKV files on my Media Player Classic HC, it says the video is MPEG-2. I did learn thereafter that MKV is a file container hence, Matroska lol. But it was just frustrating how Vegas Pro 15 couldn't "open" it from the container. Thank you again guys. And @@wtg1987, I was going to privately ask him but like @@luckystar908 said, it is pretty tedious or some kind of a hassle lol. Thank you!!!
  15. Yes! The LIVE videos especially! And yes whatever you choose to do @@Fighter! Thank you again