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  1. http://www.madonnatribe.com/decade/2013/the-immaculate-little-sister-2/
  2. it means that this is made in Venezuela and as there was already a Madonna Mix compilation released in 1985 https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Madonna-Mix/release/1015961 so this is the 2nd Venezuelan Madonna Mix hence it's called Madonna Mix ll ....
  3. Is this the missing Sorry Edit 3:08 from the Remixology List? 

    If not, can someone please be so generous to share it? 


  4. you're correct Rebel Hugo! In fact all of them have leaked by now.
  5. I hear there's also these yet to leak I'm A Sinner (Orbit Rough Mix 01.14.12) 5:01 and these Beautiful Stranger (Orbit Extended).mp3 Gang Bang (Orbit Kee Club Remix).mp3 Ray Of Light (Orbit Leaf Mix).mp3 Love Spent (Orbit mash experiment).mp3 Gone (Orbit Mix).mp3 Some Girls (Orbit Original Remix).mp3 Frozen (Orbit Odyssey Remix).mp3 Time Stood Still (William Orbit Mix).mp3 Falling Free (Orbit Remix).mp3 I’ll Remember (Orbit Remix).mp3 I’m A Sinner (Orbit Remix).mp3 Jusitfy My Love (Orbit Mix).mp3 Cyber Raga (Orbit Alternate Mix).mp3 Gang Bang (Orbit Kee Club Version 2).mp3 Gang Bang (Orbit Kee Club Instrumental).mp3 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Orbit Mix).mp3 Falling Free (Orbit Ferry Corsten Remix).mp3 Ray of Light (Orbit Stereo Odyssey Demo).mp3
  6. Thats right its the longer version of Freedom then the one found on Carnival... Also Forever Love was the title we knew before it was then confirmed to be Never Love A Stranger. And as for Has To Be its a full 5:30 with longer outro .. ..
  7. ***Contrary to rumor,"Can't You See My Mind" is NOT an early version of "Die Another Day". It's a completely different song that was also recorded and it is copyrighted so it really exists. It's a ballad that was *probably* submitted as the James Bond theme (which is why it's always linked with the "Die Another Day" theme song) but Record Company wanted to go for a different sound but was later scrapped. Either Rauhofer or Calderone mentioned that he was doing a remix for this song. and that it wasn't Die Another Day.
  8. Kylie Minogue

    Barry has done one
  9. so is the one you mentioned.. Few mistakes and few other mixes unlisted there but we can all agree its hard work to keep up such a vast list and to verify the promos and demos!!! ..So hats to him for such hard work.....
  10. She said Rome was her favourite city. The only time she didn't tour was for the Re-invention tour.. She's been in every main city including visiting Sicily and Sardinia.... She doesn't speak Italian but she's pretty much surrounded by Italians...