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  1. With all of the appreciation that the official madonna Facebook had surroundinrbg erotica this year I am hoping for something ground breaking and controversial. I don't mind if the general public hates it because we all know it would have political influence but we would love it. Just a random thought
  2. I would like to jump in and say how pathetic and weird it is for fans on here to be talking about her body like they are. Get a life, focus on yourself, whatever but it's sad to read such idiotic drivel
  3. I feel like she should Completely disregard whatever is popular on the radio and make something true to her fighting spirit and rebel heart you know what I mean? Something meaningful! I don't care for the music today but I did notice one of the Grammy nominees had a poignant song and video. It was logic with the song 1-800-273-8255 which is suicide prevention hotline and in the video a young man is coming to terms with his sexuality. It was pretty good song I suppose but the video and the message really propelled it. However the same thing could be said about living for love and it didn't see that kind of acclaim. Ugh. At the end of the day I just hope she keeps making music period. A lot of us love American life the most and it was not a commercial hit so... do you Madonna! Lol
  4. I just rewatched gmayl and bim and I still really love them. I feel like her greatest hits from casual people are take a bow and beautiful stranger but I have a few friends who like don't tell me and my dad mentioned the secret. Lol. I feel like lightning strikes twice and it's just a matter of time for another HIT ;p
  5. Cheap thrills was catchy af. There is something to be said for a great pop song. I may be way left of field but I just saw fergie on the miss universe pageant and while she looked great she just wasn't performing a hit song. Fergalicious was huge. If Madonna performs a new song her fans will all be watching, her haters will all be watching. But music makes the people come together and if it is a hit Song then people of all walks of life wI'll recognize it.
  6. I feel like If she had released holy water with an imaginative video for the rebel heart project , or maybe I'm addicted with a visionary music video for mdna, either one would have made sales skyrocket. But I'm probably just dreaming.
  7. The poster is so nice it is printed on metallic paper I guess it looks amazing
  8. Pussy cat dolls making a come back? Lol
  9. This post jogged my memory of something I thought of back in 2012- I swear the "blood in the Dixie cup" line from the gang bang demo - that line originated in the music era as a lyrical rumor. I remember reading it on forums back then. Anyone? I would love to hear every single demo and recording between orbit and madonna... every little bit of it!
  10. My mom liked true blue on the rebel heart tour. She also liked Joan of arc on Ellen! They should do elders react instead of kids react! Lol
  11. The last time I was shocked at a madonna Instagram was the color version of Luomo vogue armpit hair outtake. Also MLK rebel heart. These days I actually adore when she post some crazy shit. I want more! Lol
  12. I'm new to this board and I must say I love the commentary. I disagree with everything a lot of the time but I promise to remain somewhat respectful. Removing the Mystique : tears of a clown part 2 : secret Lisbon project
  13. I love the photo gallery you just posted! Cheers Madonna ! leading the most wholesome life raising children and starting pediatric hospitals I think she is well deserved to relax and enjoy a drink in public and private. A personal Situation is heartbreaking but it doesn't mean that other people should change their lifestyle or their art or message or habits just because someone else's horrors or demons. like on the rebel heart tour watch devil pray and try to think about what she is saying with that song. I would think that segment would speak to you just as much as oh father from what I have read here.