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  1. @devilprayFemmebot is also a very good track. I became a fan after listening to Boom Clap. Still love that song!
  2. YAS! We needed a thread like this! Personally, I love POP 2, it's my favorite album / mixtape of hers. And I didn't like the fact that Out Of My Head was a promo single - Backseat is way better.
  3. Just wanted to share this mixes made by me with you guys! Please, give me your opinion, it's important to me!
  4. More info at:
  5. Uploaded to M's official YT account.
  6. @FighterMore bots! Looks like they've created multiple accounts to make this shit look legit.
  7. Happy birthday! Hoping all your wildest wishes come true.
  8. @Salveliz7 anos. Isto foi feito na época do Femme Fatale.
  9. My favorite pic is this one: I love the Marilyn reference, and she looks soooo stunning!
  10. It's not a good remix at all. Sorry
  11. @EnricoYes, it is!
  12. Have any of you ever heard this Criminal version? I think it's perfect, it's like a tribute to Madge.
  13. @FighterI think this is spam
  14. This is not to offend anyone. What do you think about Lana's version? Did justice for the original one?