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  1. Don't know why there's so much hate on Gaga. 

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    2. thelioncourtheart_


      I mean, do you forget how awful her fans were to other bases in order to prop her up?

      Her and Perez basically sunk Christina's "Bionic" campaign when the album was out; not that that record was going to be huge. (I like it though) He pretty much tore people down to bring her up. They also helped leak and spread "Femme Fatale" when Britney's album was out in order to damage her sales. They didn't mind claiming Madonna was "old, a hag" and "should retire" when Gaga's "Born This Way" came out and was criticized for being "Express Yourself."

      Meanwhile, Gaga went and tooted her own about what a genius she was, how Whitney was the inspiration, lying about Madonna's well wishes all in all while her choreographer, make up artist, her collaborators (Richardson, DJWS) and other people trashed Madonna on Twitter, made passive aggressive comments long before Madonna ever publicly commented on the whole scenario in 2012.

      The fanbase like to claim Madonna ignited the feud which is untrue. Madonna gave Gaga her props during her rise, went to shows with Lourdes and said how much she herself in her. Gaga is indeed a fan as her work shows the inspiration she drew from M however, it speaks volumes when you surround yourself with people who trash your "idol" and then play the sympathy card when it suits you. I love Gaga's work but people forget how her fanbase targeted a lot of other female artists for competition sake, #1's, chart positions, YouTube stats, silly games for nothing.

    3. Liam


      Yeah, I'm not going to pretend Gaga didn't ignite some of this animosity and then sat back and played victim. 

      I will say this; while I agree her fanbase didn't help, going after the Madonna fans, they only learned from that such behavior from some of the Madonna fan base who viciously attack other celebrities, specifically other female entertainers. 

      All in all, I think the fanbases are far more responsible for the on going nonsense than anyone else.  In the end, I never saw it a feud between Madonna and Gaga.  Madonna never publicly commented negatively of her.  And when she said the "reductive" comment, it was a comment aimed at the fact "Born This Way" was quite similar to "Express Yourself". 


    4. madgefan


      Madonna and Gaga are both repitilians so why continue bothering with this discussion :)

  2. Lmaooo This video is so lame
  3. That's so true tho. She's a human, not a puppet.
  4. Sameee!
  5. I'm so deaddd omg Thanks for sharing, tho
  6. What a beautiful text. I'm 17, and I went through a depression... Still can be hard sometimes, but you just got to remember that being proud of yourself is the key. No matter what anyone can say.
  7. Don't know if I said this before, but I love how all of you here put so much effort on the things you share. I've learn so much here with y'all, this is honestly the BEST forum on the web :Madonna010:

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    2. cailohfornia
    3. Frank


      We fucking rock.

    4. blondebombshell


      7WE48uw.gifwgBzKOw.gifits the best ever. I wish we all lived closer to each other. I seriously think of this place as my second home

  8. Does anyone here know if there's Enya stems? Can't find anyone... Such a shame!

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    2. MadgeSlave


      @Kosmmik Hahaha Aqui não tem feito muito sol, tem estado um pouco de frio. Infelizmente, as mudanças climáticas já chegaram aqui, e com força. O sol tem aparecido de forma tímida, mas mal posso esperar pelo verão, ainda por cima neste ano caótico que vai ser a minha vida Kk. Ser universitário deve ser foda. Kk 

    3. Kosmmik


      Que lindo!

      É sim...parabens pela sua nova etapa.


      Aqui estão os stems:!j3Q3BJ7L!EOKYBuHNjXZ1_KzTl7cCpWE6NVyxEX-8ed9KACOubgQ

    4. MadgeSlave


      @KosmmikMuito obrigado Kosmmik, sério! :heart: Agradeço sua simpatia, que doce de pessoa haha

  9. You're welcome, whenever you need, call me.
  10. Just noticed now haha. Next time post this kind of threads on "Other Artists File-Sharing". As Fighter said, no download threads in this topic.
  11. There's some good torrent links... Searched everywhere, direct links are off. [Hidden Content] Hoping this helps.
  12. Here you have it! New upload!
  13. Updating my list, after almost a year listening to Madonna and her whole discography (not just the albums), videography and tour videos. Madonna: The First Album: Physical Attraction Like A Virgin Dress You Up (w/ an actual music video, not a promo one) Angel (w/ an actual video) True Blue: Where's the Party White Heat Like a Prayer: Promise to Try Spanish Eyes Dear Jessie (w/ an alternative video, although the official one is so cute) Just A Dream (Madge shoulda kept the song for herself) Erotica: Thief of Hearts In This Life Words Waiting Shame Bad Girl (Guitar Demo) Bedtime Stories: Forbidden Love Ray of Light: Sky Fits Heaven Mer Girl Arioso Music: I Deserve it Nobody's Perfect Paradise American Life: Nothing Fails (w/ an official video) Intervention X- Static Process Nobody Knows Me (this one is so epic, one of the best Madonna's songs) Petite Jeune Fille VISUAL ALBUM STILL Confessions: Future Lovers Forbidden Love Isaac Fighting Spirit Hard Candy: Heartbeat She's Not Me Across the Sky MDNA: Love Spent Masterpiece Falling Free Rebel Heart: Unapologetic Bitch Inside Out Joan of Arc Rebel Heart (Avicii Demo)
  14. Honestly, quality sucks. They're upscaling to 720p? At least the aspect ratio is the original one.
  15. I love Get Together so much! Thx Madge for uploading this gem! :06:

    1. cailohfornia


      Love the song too til the universe implodes or gets sucked by a mega blackhole. But I'm good w/ my Celebration DVD copy bahaha!