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  1. OMG!!! Awesome! Thank you man
  2. Interesting, very interesting! Madonna always ahead of her time. I'm curious about the audio message...wish someone have recorded it....
  3. I woke up hours ago and had this surprise! Just watching right now =)
  4. @Salveliztake a look! (It's me Danilo)
  5. @devilpray[OFF] I always laugh when I see the GIF you use as signature. Genial!
  6. Thanks, I love this song, reminds me of the good old times
  7. I'm listening Like a Prayer album today and you know when finally comes that scary song....Act of Contriction! Everytime I listen this song gives me chills! Awesome. So, I searched about it and I read a forum member (not here) explaining: "she just got to heaven and she is not let in hotel=heaven she has a reservation, hence the computer part thats how i see it" Interesting huh? You guys agree with it?
  8. Welcome!!! Enjoy =)
  9. Oh man. I'm not a new fan but only in the past 4 or 5 years I started to join Madonna online communities, basically here and some Facebook fan groups. Drama and controversy is something common in every fanbase, unfortunatelly, but always have some good pleople there and here.
  10. Mmmmm....the word "Savage" in the hashtags make me think....maybe new album name?
  11. Yeah. we had a great surprise! I hope someday Madge upload all videos there.
  12. Loving the new layout S2

  13. Someday I will get mine!
  14. Anniversary Tour is a good name! But only if she sing her greatest hits, not only focusing in 1 or 2 albums.
  15. Hard to choose..... Ray of Light is my choice, still fascinates me after decades!