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  1. Hard to predict, Madonna is a box of mistery and surprises!
  2. One of my favourite singers, Grace is Iconic!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Welcome! Here you can find lots of stuff about Madonna, please enjoy
  5. Definitely Blond Ambition! A fierce name and best tour in my opinion.
  6. Let's just wait, I have faith this new album will rocks!
  7. Beautiful Game.....
  8. In the Promo Tours, for me is Ray of Light at Oprah!
  9. For the first time I not liked the song much, but after listening 2,3,4 times....believe me, I enjoyed the new song! Something different than other Aguilera songs, that's good, a artist cant make always the same kind of music, right? I guess Accelerate will be the Intro for the album, like her always do. Waiting for the other singles now.
  10. Cool, man!!! The event of the year! We showed to Depeche how the Brazil people does! I hope they come back in the next Tour! *fingers crossed*
  11. Wow, lucky you, so close to Dave Cover Me performance is simply magical!
  12. Finally one of my dreams become true: I was in the Depeche Mode concert, my favorite band!! Seeing Dave, Martin and Fletcher live is an unforgettable experience! =D 24 years waiting the guys to come to my country again (Brazil), It was a long wait but tottaly worth it! Who here has been in the Global Spirit Tour?
  13. OMG!!! Awesome! Thank you man