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  1. Madonna: Burning Up Like a Virgin: Material Girl True Blue: Papa Don‘t Preach Like a Prayer: Like A Prayer Erotica: Erotica Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story Ray Of Light: Candy Perfume Girl Music: Music American Life: I‘m So Stupid Confessions On A Dancefloor: Let It Will Be Hard Candy: Give It 2 Me MDNA: Girl Gone Wild Rebel Heart: Best Night They change from time to time.
  3. The jacket in the first picture is a Tour Crew Roadie Jacket. This jacket was only given to Madonna's Crew for the every popular Blond Ambition Tour in very limited quantities. Now very hard to find, especially in this Excellent condition. The jacket features a very speical and detailed mongram embroidery on the back in Green letters and Blond Ambition in purple. And it has matchinc colors on th back and sleeve and side pockeets with the Ofifical ROCKIT CARGO on FRONT The jacket in the second picture is probably the one with the black inside which was repressed and sold for her fan club. There're also ones with orange insides which was probably for her crew and staff. I also got this one with the black inside and I'm happy with it. Madonna and her stage dancers actually wore this jacket with embroided M but without the "MADONNA" beneath it and had a orange inside. You can see it in In Bed with Madonna. The jacket in the third picture is a Tour Crew Jacket. Only given to select crew and stage hands in only certain areas of the tour. Now very hard to find, especially in this Excellent condition. If also got this one in new, unworn condition in sealed plastic bag! There were also completely white ones - nowhere to find anymore. I think you will be happy with any of these, my favorite is the one in the third picture. I hope I could help you a bit with that!
  4. I kinda love these orbital edits from the last three posts.
  5. I don‘t like the whole Kardashian clan, to be honest.
  6. Every pressing of each album and Record Store Day exclusives presented below are exactly the same like those which were already released between 2012 and 2017 in Europe [made by Optimal Media GmbH or MPO] and have the same matrix information on their run-out-grooves. Labels and sleeves are new and include additional R1 catalog numbers [records made by Rhino intended for US market]. These 'US releases' have characteristic info stickers on the front cover [except for Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits]: Catalog number: R1 23867 Date of release: 2016 Pressed by Optimal Media GmbH Catalog number: R1 25157 Date of release: 2016 Pressed by Optimal Media GmbH Catalog number: R1 25442 Date of release: 2016 Pressed by Optimal Media GmbH True Blue and Like A Prayer were re-released in October 2016 on coloured vinyl as a Sainsbury's exclusives (available in UK only). Coloured vinyl LPs were pressed by Optimal Media from the same stampers which were used for 2012 Rhino re-issues. Both received new catalog numbers which were stickered as bar codes on the back covers: True Blue - 8122 7942304, Like A Prayer - 8122 7942298 ['old 2012 Rhino catalog numbers' can be found on cover spines and labels].
  7. Read about this for Germany too. I think it‘s not real. Pre-Sale would be running already.
  8. Plaid. True Blue (2016 Blue Vinyl) or Ray Of Light (2017 Blue Vinyl)?
  9. Madonna's Facebook page just got updated with Ray Of Light pictures. Competition to win a signed copy of it: And they just announced there will be some goodies throughout the month. Probably some collectible items like they did for Erotica.
  10. Still shook about the last elimination. Who‘s gonna win now, when the queen quit already?
  11. Like A Virgin, Open Your Heart, Material Girl, Holiday, Express Yourself, Papa Don‘t Preach, Like A Prayer, Justify My Love, Vogue, Ray Of Light, Frozen, Music, Hung Up, 4 Minutes, Bitch I‘m Madonna... For me, these are the songs that represent her „Ups“ the past 35 years. Every human being has at least heard one of those songs above.
  12. I think it‘d be boring (for me) if she only performs one or two entire albums. I‘d rather think that she would do a Best-Of-Tour when she stops making music like Tina Turner did. Performing all of her charting and groundbreaking songs from the past 40+ years.
  13. I‘m never using torrents ever again since I got sued five years ago for downloading the first episode of The Walking Dead‘s first episode from season 7. I‘m glad I can download my files here via Mega or Zippyshare.
  14. I‘m using this: Just insert the DVD, open the program and click „Start“. Lossless .mkv-file.