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  1. Sometimes it looks puffy, sometimes it doesn't. Make up, lighting, and angles help I guess. But I ain't know. I can't wait for the new era.
  2. Haha, can y'all imagine all the songs and albums will flood the charts again? Immaculate Collection would hit number one again for weeks probably.
  3. Close but not too close. She decided to pull a shady one on us. But that's okay. Maybe she was excited about the song and the opportunity arose.
  4. Beyonce and Jay Z will get awards and etc. Madonna can take her time, I Have Florence and The Machine this summer to hold me over until M is ready.
  5. Being part of Tidal, I'm sure she's aware of something like Beyonces surprises. Not that Beyonces tearing charts up anymore. She needed a duet with Sheeran for her last number one. Atleast Madonna's last number one hit was of her own doing.
  6. Yeah, the harp on her tiara tipped me off in the Celtic direction.
  7. She's chasing youth for now, but wisdom is a powerful thing. One day, she may come to realization that she nolonger wants the blonde and dark. A reinvention of gray or white hair. Don't know if it's look good.
  8. I do hope for promo. The lack of it in MDNA was disappointing, despite a grand tour.
  9. Yeah, this makes the most sense. Which is cool, lemme save some money up first.
  10. @stefo I do agree some of his work does get repetitive. There aren't really many of her producers I don't care for. Solveig would take it though. I love MDNA, but much of what he produced was not breathtaking or groundbreaking in sound, not too notable.
  11. Lol, it's in caps. But it's Instagram, grammar has been on a long vacation there.
  12. lo Wikipedia told me Mirwais. But I usually trust Mad-Eyes on that stuff.
  13. We'd be both wrong. Joe Henry cowrote and coproduced it.
  14. With three album involvements and a fourth coming, Mirwais may be her most consistent producer. Maybe hit or miss in helping her success (which she doesn't really need more, but she can keep trying), he's helped her produce some fantastic tracks. Here are my top ten! 1) Music 2)Hollywood 3) Die Another Day 4) Nobody Knows Me 5) Impressive Instant 6) Don't Tell Me 7) American Life 8) Future Lovers 9) Paradise (Not for Me) 10) Im in love with love whats yours? Even if it's just five.