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  1. Candyshop is awesome! Loved when I first heard it. "I'll be your one stop, candy shop!"
  2. I do love Landman sometimes. But Sisley has an ear for the vocals and arrangements. I like his emotional reactions though. I thought he was gonna cut the video during Living for Love, lol
  3. Open and ready I'm sure!!!! M14 be like "open your heart to me baby".
  4. Eh, but did you listen to Joanne? While an ok album, the songs really just weren't... That strong. Rebel Heart on the other hand has plenty of powerful songs. Madonna will choose right in the end.
  5. Yeah, nothing about any of these collabs would be damaging. If anything, they're an asset. I think we forget that behind the art is a business woman. She's not stupid. She's had a rough handling with the whole ageist society thing, but she's faired quite well. B*tch I'm Madonna may not have hit the top forty, but it pulled quite an impressive views on Youtube, better than JT's latest music videos.
  6. I'm pretty chill with it. I actually liked Migos on Bon'Appetit and Cardi B is the new Minaj so I'm down for whatever she would maybe use them for. Keywords "would maybe", lol.
  7. Oooof, I mean, yeah, ooooof.
  8. I'll go with B* I'm Madonna simply because it was able to hype up social media. It was fun and vivid. It was like Music, carefree and colorful.
  9. I imagine that she's already having these issues again with the writers and producers. She's picking or he's picking some high-demand people who are probably being involved several other high dollar projects by their own agents.
  10. Watching someone go chronologically through her catalogue is very interesting. Especially those who have minimal exposure to her. I love the comment with this album of how the depth of lyrics is changing. Where the first two albums are her pushing the envelope, True Blue finds her digging at it. Like A Prayer will continue this and Erotica will be a glorious sinkhole only M could discover. Very excited for the next two albums after True Blue!
  11. Oh boy. Could Cardi B be the new Minaj? IT would definitely help her. I don't particular care for Cardi B but it would be a great marketing move.
  12. Ray of Light strikes me as the midpoint, maybe not numerically and technically. Ray of Light was a massive shift from Bedtime Stories in terms of her studio albums go. Evita was like some strange bridge inbetween. I was see it as the Debut, Like A Virgin, True Blue, and Like A Prayer as the originals (all landing in the 80s, her most influential decade and home decade). Erotica and Bedtime Stories cover her sexual revolution (in a way). Ray of Light, Music, American Life, and Confessions are what I'd call her Millenial revolution. They are also a chronicle of her spiritual journey and her second marriage. Hard Candy, MDNA, and Rebel Heart and the beginning her of her blatant trendsetting declination and also a Madonna after a long term marriage. So Ray of Light naturally becomes a midpoint for me. She never sounds the same again, the low low voice virtually gone.
  13. We might just have that kind of tech by then! Or we will have the tech to recreate her voice and do holograms. Wouldn't be the same, but it would be interesting. Or blasphemy. I don't thinK she'd sign off on it.
  14. She just might! Perfect way to escape the world! I'm joking, but it's Madonna. Who knows.
  15. She was probably like, "Gosh I look better than I remember!"