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  1. There's a different version of Britney Spears' song 3, its the Radio Edit with a length of 3:43. Its a litle bit different from the version with a length of 3:33 (or 3:25). Does anybody know where I can get this longer radio edit version? On which album/single is it listed? thanks
  2. I hope i still get that free poster, I only got the calendar last week, Live Nation says the poster still didnt arrive from the manifacture. Does anybody have the poster already?
  3. Wow the japanese DVD/Blueray edition has also Take A Bow as a bonus song :hearteyes:
  4. this is so disappointing
  5. MDNA was the FIRST live album who had the full show on it... as you know, all the other live albums only had the best moment (as they called it) on it, but time has changed... nowadays its normal to release the full show, but when you do so, put the complete show on the live album so that nothings missing, like the audio version from the dvd.. thats my point.. I just liked the whole show so I wanted to have all of the songs in my collection... I'm sure Who's That Girl is missing... or Unapologetic Bitch or so...
  6. No, MDNA live album was complete :wink: well, I cant remember anything's missing
  7. Why are they talking about a 22 song CD/digital download album? The show has got 24 songs or even more... some songs must be missing ://
  8. just a little bit more than an hour... i cant wait..... im readdyyyy
  9. yeah but its not synchronous, but maybe its just cuz its a teaser and for the movie they adjusted her voice to her lips movements