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  1. she should stay away from directing movies, W.E was horrible to watch. its already hard enough that there is always a 3-4 years gap between each album...
  2. Its still there. Just checked it
  3. I think she likes him a lot by now. Like she called him out at the LVL Performance "come.on pharell"
  4. If she had enough time she could do x-things in the meantime, IMO.
  5. Well, both require time, so not really if we are talking about the albums quality
  6. But she might be under livenation deadline pressure because of her contract.
  7. Next thread: "I can't believe she DID THAT...."
  8. I'm really worried about this whole proyect -> At the end she never said that shes working on an album. It might be just one track for this album....but on the other side, how does starrah fit into this proyect?
  9. I gues its 50/50. A little bit of seeking attention and a little bit paid comercial for LV. Too bad she is still satisfied with negative medial attention... Anyway I also think thats a sign that the new album is also going to be ala "bitch im madonna" and not yet an album in which she settles down abit and concentrates more on the music while "acting her age". Because if not, she should stop right away to post pics like that. But Just a thought.... love her anyway, and prefer her to be the unapologetic bitch she truly wants to be
  10. My bad, I read your post with a bitchy voice in my head... sorry!
  11. I loved those interviews! Dont forget the "how do you keep yourself in shape while touring?" She answered that question like 5 times 😂 each time alittle more pissed
  12. Always learning, thx
  13. Here we go again... Again thank you for reading my post and for trying to find a negative aspect behind it which you could defend like the brave knight that you are, thats really what we need in a Fan Forum. But just to clearify some things, where did i say that i would not appreciate her re inventions? My thought was, why she should go to the ESC and occupy a whole act just to perform an old reinvented classic. Thats why I asked ANDYMAD if hes talking about a reinvention like the LIB Major Lazer Mix, or a reinvention like the Borderline Jimmy Fallon Version. I love The Major Lazer Mix, but why is it just a little snippet? And why did they even record it? It there wasnt any public use behind it. Borderlin was great too,but to perform an old classic on a talk show was weird, of course we know its because she wanted to meet Obama, but anyway, why Borderline, it might be Jimmys favorite track of hers, but how about suppoting RH a little bit more? It was still fresh to that time. I know blablabla "Lets concentrate on the positive things rather than bashing what she did" We have heard it all before.
  14. I prefer when shes using just one (loud) layer of voice. She used alot for AL and IMO it sounds too fake. So I prefer a 100% voice, rather than one whispering, one shouting and one singing all at the same time.