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  1. Kylie Minogue

    Guys, did you see a snippet of the video for "Golden" on Kylie's Instagram? I think that the mix used for this clip is slightly different than the one used for the official video. What do you think about it?
  2. Kylie Minogue

    I have to admit that at some point there was a PWL Kylie for me... I enjoyed her music back then, but I skipped 1993-1999 years somehow. I was concentrated on Madonna only. 2000 brought such an amazing Kylie's album, which I truly and deeply discovered 2 years ago... "Light Years" is a real gem in KM's discography. But one has to grow up to it, indeed.
  3. Kylie Minogue

    How do you know such version exists? Is there a chance to buy it/listen to it online?
  4. Here are my faves: 1) A lifetime to repair 2) Golden 3) Live a little 4) One last kiss 5) Raining glitter 6) Dancing (yet another happy & positive Kylie's song) 7) Stop me from falling
  5. I remember (back when I was a kid / a teenager) 4 things that many people from my closest surroundings (including my mother) used to think and say about Madonna: 1) She had that "fake" mole above her lips to look special. 2) Madonna was just her nick name and had nothing to do with her real name. 3) She always had fat thighs. 4) People thought she was vulgar, obscene, a bitch, etc. But I didn't care much about what people thought about Madonna. Back in the days Poland was a very "special" place to live. People were not that open minded. Hmmmm... to be honest... they still are, on many levels. But, I believe, it happens in every single country. I suffer from the off-topic syndrome, so excuse me...
  6. Guys,where can I buy a copy of "Celebration" CD with 'fixed' songs (Cherish, for example)? How to recognize the proper one? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Thank you for reuploading! I'm gonna download it tomorrow.
  8. Could anyone upload this to Mega or any other file sharing service, please?
  9. Sorry, I was Sorry, I was wrong. I just don't know what I was writing. You are right. I'm really sorry! Stupid me. I don't know anything about Madonna and her career. I sorry. Don't kill me, okay? Excuse me for talking sh*t. Forgive me, my master, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Be gentle, please, huh ugh. Ohhhhhh.... My soul is bleeding. My heart is screaming.... Oh...
  10. The one and only intention was to make the classic hits as short as possible on this release (i.e. "The Immaculate Collection") and there's no doubt about it.
  11. sdvsr2fan: I'd love to have that edited mix. Could you share it via PM, please? I don't know if it would be ok if you shared it here, to be honest... Btw. I'm too lazy to make the right edit of this song myself (I find the album version very rough; the remix sounds fresher with all the bells and nicer drums, etc.) :-)