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  1. Kylie Minogue

    Fuck me she's looking hot.
  2. Kylie Minogue

    Finally got some other people beside Will involved. About time.
  3. Kylie Minogue

    It’s gorgeous. I could barely listen to the clip last year. Did nothing for me. In HQ though, damn. And this right here makes me so happy:
  4. Kylie Minogue

    I just heard a small clip of it the other day. Apparently it’s only been delivered by digital promo, so I’d assume a HQ will make an appearance somewhere down the line. I put out feelers to a few of my connections to see if anyone has it yet. No one I’ve heard from seems to know what I’m talking about so hopefully it won’t just disappear.
  5. Kylie Minogue

    Well, my pessimism paid off. I estimated between 40-45k for first week, and our girl went #1 with 48k or so. Great accomplishment. OCC mentioned she’s the fastest and highest selling vinyl this year and her cassette sales have already outsold last year’s highest performer. She outperformed a number of high profile artists who really should have outperformed this album, but Golden clicked and not because Kylie was jumping on the bandwagon. As a gay man raised by a single mom, I’ve always been pulled to incredible, talented women. I’ve watched Kylie evolve through an amazing pen pal in the 90s and the internet after and have been a fan since my mom bought the Locomotion vinyl when I was 4. I’ve always been invested in her chart success. We wouldn’t have had a continuing career without it. Like Madonna, she takes her job seriously, and we’ve been gifted with so many incredible moments that a number of other artists of her caliber wouldn’t even touch. (Can you imagine the mess of a Britney Anti Tour?) She may lose the path on occasion, but don’t we all? Golden hasn’t just reinvigorated Kylie. She’s actually done the impossible and reinvigorated a lot of her fan base. I notice on a number of other forums how the range of favorite tracks really isn’t down to a handful of tracks on the first half of the album. People have been really positive about her and this album lately and I’m just so pleased she put out an album that she loves and that really has been received quite well. Sounds like BMG also have plans for it and when Golden starts dropping down the charts. It sounds like they’re ready and have plans in place to keep her visible and keep the momentum. BMG are my gods right now. They’ve made her a priority and they have been treating her as such. It’s nice to finally have a label as invested in her future career as her fans. 30 years on at the age of 50, and they’ve done that. (Massive apologies for my long-winded posts. I can’t tell if it’s just excitement or if I’ve been listening to Golden too much and have absorbed the story-telling element into my everyday dialogue. I’m from Iowa, I don’t need more country habits creeping in on me. Just slap me and tell me to shut up. I won’t be offended. )
  6. Kylie Minogue

    It’s not a bad position to be in. I start the album only planning on listening to a couple of songs while doing something else and eventually I find myself cranking it up and just sitting there and enjoying it. Healing is a great way to describe it. I’ve had a really shitty past few months, but then I put this on and there’s just a sense of calm and resolve. I’m going to savor ever second of this era that I can, but when the time comes, I’ll take hands-on, fully-invested Minnie however she decides to present herself in the future. I’m here for it. Fully.
  7. Kylie Minogue

    After a week with Golden, I can safely say it’s definitely one of my favorites from her. She really delivered and I’m such a proud stan. I still can’t pinpoint favorites. It’s too difficult. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen with a Kylie album. There were definite standouts when I first listened (Lost Without You, Golden, Radio On), but now the entire album (deluxe tracks included) just doesn’t sound right if I skip any of the tracks. I almost find myself realizing the end of the album is near and I still want more. It’s perfect as is, but I wish it went on and on. The production may not always be on point, and we’re not so accustomed to having lightly produced vocals, but the lyrics and her delivery are what make Golden, golden. I have an entirely new appreciation for Dancing and SMFF after listening to the album as a whole and I’m glad she wasn’t holding herself back or hesitant to try something new. The country influence isn’t subtle at times, but it is straight up camp and the album is completely Kylie. Not country Kylie, just Kylie. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  8. Kylie Minogue

    Apparently. I haven’t heard differently regarding the clear vinyl or picture disc, but the black vinyls do have this version. I’m not sure if it’s a mistake and will be fixed with future prints, so it’s hard to say just how rare this mix will be overall. Someone on SayHey mentioned that Justin has sold almost 50k in the two months since his release, and Kylie is not that far behind after only a week. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who complains/complained about the campaign and K’s noticeability should exit stage left. The curtain has closed.
  9. Kylie Minogue

    The vinyl book is gorgeous. A friend got one and I wish I had. Can’t really afford it now so I’m just massively annoyed. Plus the mix of SMFF is different on the vinyl. Not massively, but definitely noticeable. Much more acoustic. I almost prefer this mix’s middle-8 to the album mix. Definitely more country leaning.
  10. Kylie Minogue

    Just a small chart/sales update. It’s comfortably sitting at #1 in the UK selling 3:1 compared to the #2. She’s also reached 37.5k in sales just topping Rebel Heart’s first week. Some are estimating her to end up around 45-50k, but I think realistically we’re looking more between 40-45k unless her upcoming promo has similar impact on its daily sales over the next couple days.
  11. Kylie Minogue

    Can’t really copy a bitch if you did it the way it should have been done to begin with. Joanne must be curled up in a corner with some Jack, fuming.
  12. Kylie Minogue

    In case others haven’t heard on another forum, Golden has already outsold KMO first week sales in the UK. She’s reached 31k and someone on SayHey mentioned she has already outsold first week sales of the latest albums from Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Shania, Britney, and Lady Gaga (Bye, Joanne). She’s also closing in on Rebel Heart’s 37k. Have we officially entered Kylie’s Golden and Golden era?
  13. Kylie Minogue

    For all you stateside fans, this article in Music Week mentions they have a ‘good plan’ for the US which is significantly different from the usual two performances and she’s gone. It sounds like over the next 18 months she will be going everywhere with this album. So excited. I can’t wait to see her on TV over here again. It’s always a treat.
  14. Kylie Minogue

    And now there are vids on her Insta of her listening to the Golden cassette on a Walkman. She smelled the case and the cassette. I die.
  15. Kylie Minogue

    It’s already topped IP for me. I adore that album, but Golden sounds like Kylie. Not that IP didn’t, but it sounded like IP Kylie. Golden isn’t Golden Kylie, and it isn’t really even country-infused-pop Kylie, it’s more or less an amalgamation and encapsulation of what Kylie, the performer, has done and where she’s been over the past 30 years. I imagine if you were to take all of her albums and put them in a machine that could compress them down into one album representive of the rest, Golden would be it. PWL, deCon, and Parlo Kylie all make an appearance in some form or other. It just happens to have some acoustic guitar thrown in for good measure. Goes to show, when the Queen is left to plan the decoration of her palace without all the court jesters and ladies in waiting spewing bile, La Minogue presents the most ‘Kylie’ album she’s delivered in years. I’m gushing and using poor metaphors over multiple posts at this point. I’m never this crazed. Make sure to grab some extra-absorbent pads just in case.