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  1. Yes I did exactly that and for some reason it didnt come up. I’ll have another shot at it.
  2. Hi please does anyone have an idea how to put Youtube videos in post? The old way [youtube][/youtube] doesn’t seem to be working. :(
  3. I don't believe that CYSMM is a ballad. I reckon its an alternative version of Die Another Day.
  4. Cant You See My Mind is another title for Die Another Day. It may or may not have differences compared to the final version of the song.
  5. I believe they may have them also.
  6. Love Me Down - Britney Spears <3
  7. If your searching for demos etc GagaFrontRow is your best bet.
  8. Apologies. However Im not one to believe they are not in collectors hands. I wouldn't be surprised if the demos from her first recording on this new album have made it into collectors hands by now.
  9. I hastent to add that the post "D/L: Hard Candy - The Full Sessions" is missing some demos. No disrespect to Curtains as he worked hard to compile the demos. We are still missing. Level With Me Silly Girl Something To Say Bigger Than The World - This was pitched to Madonna. I believe there is a vocal take however she passed it up and it ended up being recorded by Esmee Denters. Animal (Final Mix) <-- I have heard this may be fake. However its one persons word against anothers. Perhaps Curtains could clarify this?
  10. Candy Perfume Girl writer demo? Dont remember that leaking? I remember Sepheryn.
  11. Id love the acapella of Hold Tight Demo 5 too leak + the instrumental for the one on the album to leak. That way we would have two different verses. Plus I love the lyrics - “Pushed To The Limit With No End In Sightâ€
  12. What about Blood Diamonds version of Trust No Bitch? Im certain it was registered not too long back.
  13. Can’t wait to hear her cover. Love Lana Del Rey <3
  14. I find that hard to belive as during a Q&A she said she was up for releasing unreleased music. I think Warner and her were just disputing over it likely due to money or the fact they released all her albums in those paper cases. Personally its time to give something back to the fans for being loyal to her over all these years. + If she labelled it as a demo collection then there would no pressure as you say to make sure they are perfect.