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  1. No disrespect but don't patronise me. Agreed. I do enjoy the banter but you definitely wasn't showing any inkling to that being funny.
  2. If your being serious you cant judge a clip or snippet she sung.
  3. Im riding on your Donna Summer coat tail comment would love a cover of She Works Hard For The Money.
  4. OMG YES! This came on the radio at work I love it classic.
  5. I was just listening to Run To You by Bryan Adams and I'd love her to cover this on guitar on her next tour. Another song I'd love to hear would be her take of Speakerphone especially as a duet between her and Kylie. What would your dream cover be? Before someone mentions it I know Madonna once said she was sick of covers during the ROL Era.
  6. She served and looked stunning. New song sounds very interesting. A hint of whats to come in more ways then one. ;)
  7. Patience is a virtue. This time the album will be a surprise.
  8. Shocked and saddened by this. Im thankful his versions of songs on Rebel Heart leaked because they were fire.
  9. Yay glad to hear this news totally relating to her singing that song on IG right now.
  10. Omg how could I forget Let Down Your Guard. Another example of a great song that imo should of been finished and got on the tracklisting.
  11. The only experimental part on Bedtime Stories was towards the end of the album being Sanctuary and Bedtime Story. The other songs were RnB influenced and representitive of the early mid 90s. The reason she went in that direction was to soften her image due to SEX and apparently going to far. Being a 90's baby and living in this decade is to me laughable now looking back. Don't get me wrong I love Bedtime Stories. The two songs I just mentioned and I'd Rather Be Your Lover, Take A Bow, Human Nature, Secret and Survival are my choice cuts from the album. I hasten to add that I was quite shocked that Your Honestly was also omitted from the album as that song is amazing. However to call it experimental is a tad to far. I guess it was experimental in terms of going to the oppostie field of what Madonna was known for but the album as a whole not so. Erotica was much more of an experimental album in terms of concept, lyrics and image that unfortunately got lost blinded at the time by SEX. A review I read somewhere said something along the lines of "Madonna at her most important" and I truly agree with that as the album was released during a very volatile period with HIV & AIDS not being talked about and gay men getting the boot unfairly for it.
  12. Bedtime Stories higher then Erotica? Wtf?
  13. Make that three.
  14. Rumour Khia is to feature on a new track with an interpolation of her hit single My Neck My Back.