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  1. The MDNA mix is life. The demo version with "M-A-D" bit was far superior and the video is fun to watch. Though it's still her weakest lead single and to have debuted that at the Super Bowl was
  2. It's not one of my favorite records but I do see the argument of "damage control" after the string of misfortunes that happened with the American Life/Swept Away era and I think Re-Invention as due to the non-classic approach of the previous tour. Confessions is a polished, unapologetic dance record that she really needed to do at the time and she really as ahead of the dance craze that erupted with Britney's "Blackout" and Gaga's debut records. "Hung Up" was definitely the song that got me hooked on her and interested in her back catalog and being in the eighth grade at the time, a lot of kids loved the singles she put mostly "Sorry" and "Jump" since the latter was in "The Devil Wears Prada." If anything, COADF is like what Light Years/Fever was to Kylie.
  3. It's odd it's dubbed "European Version" yet they showed it regularly here in the US on VH1. Wasn't it the official video before the alternate version took over?
  4. The tape had demos of Spanish Lesson, Candy Shop and B-Day Song.
  5. The ending, "May God bless you all."
  6. To me the proper album is the super deluxe with Queen ending the record.
  7. Agreed. I think that's why certain songs like Queen, the second version of Iconic and Joan of Arc (Acoustic) were given the axe due to the time limitation. It was the final Super Deluxe that was passed around until the final release version replaced it with two remixes of Living For Love. I sure hope not. The standard is good for Walmart or chains that don't carry the explicit version because who'd want to hear "It might seem like I'm an unapologetic [silence]" or "[silence] I'm Madonna", "[silence] me up a little" or [silence] Get off my pole." They always stick out like a sore thumb and I'm sure there's an explicit standard as well but it's so unnecessary as it does exclude the title track. One of the oddest decisions but given her stance, it seemed more of a label decision rather than her own.
  8. She needs time to edit it in several angles, some fan footage, a blend between rehearsal footage and the actual event, some filters and re-recorded vocals and then she'll upload it.
  9. I remember reading the standard was done for some reason but she later clarified that the deluxe was the official version of the record in her eyes. I know labels tend to want to rewards fans or collectors by tacking b-sides, other songs or remixes with different covers. They do the same with films now in days - Director's Cut, Unrated, Producer's Cut, Version You've Never Seen, Original Uncut etc. It could also mean a way of making a cash grab through the die hard fans even though physical sales are no longer what they used to be.
  10. Madonna herself considers the deluxe the official version of "Rebel Heart." I think she said this is one of her interviews during the initial release of the record.
  11. Thank goodness she went with LAV.
  12. Agreed. Vogue was originally meant as a b-side. The movie itself only made use of a few of those songs while the rest was original material so not all songs were featured. I get the album gets crapped on because people think Vogue's success probably should have had similar material on there but the album itself is very strong. "Something To Remember" is divine. "Sooner or Later, He's a Man" and "Back In Business" not sure how some fans don't like or appreciate how far off she went after Like a Prayer and delivered beautifully and majestically. Her voice is a perfect fit for this sound and it worked but all people seem to see it as either a soundtrack or the "album Vogue is on."
  13. Confessions Tour hands down. While it's not my favorite tour or record, it's visually and sonically strong. The opening with Future Lovers/I Feel Love, Like a Virgin, the crucifix performance of Live To Tell, the interludes, the entire last Disco Act, the fact she could do songs like Drowned World and Paradise and they meshed so beautifully without sticking out like a sore thumb. The costumes, the mixes, the backdrop visuals, the stage, the choreography, everything from the smallest detail was beautiful. Re-Invention Tour is a good tour but it does feel weak and a means of damage control after AL underperformed and coming off a string of flops. It was advertised as a greatest hits show (even though it's a good mix of AL tracks and classics) but somehow it feels like the remnants of Drowned World and the beginnings of what Confessions would aspire to be. The costumes are equally gorgeous (minus the kilt and tank combo), we got to hear a lot of classics we thought we'd never hear again, the gorgeous intros and backdrops), the choreography for the numbers was insane and intricate but perhaps it had to be enjoyed live to be appreciated as we have little of the edited version through the doc and the screengrab recording of Lisbon which is pretty weak.