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  1. Isn't Shanghai Surprise on Blu - ray already?
  2. The breakdown part of Girl Gone Wild on the MDNA World Tour is giving me life. Oh my god.

  3. Justify My Love on the Celebration DVD was the MTV version, I believe, before they said "nope." Shouldn't WB get the opportunity to own the rights for a DVD/Blu - ray/4k release?
  4. I guess that's what the Celebration DVD did. :(
  6. Yes, I believe I saw those reviews somewhere. I have the DVD rip of the Celebration: Video Collection and even on my family HDTV, it looks pixelated and blurry.
  7. How is it possible that the audio is upscaled? Is it like the Celebration DVD audio wherein it's a crappy 5.1 mix of the songs?
  8. It was poorly planned, rushed and messy. The damage has been done. :( For the BAT DVD, I just don't know how it will be promoted now.
  9. I have forgotten that Dolby and DTS are different. Sorry about that. XD I am well aware that those "samples" I did were a bit messy because they are indeed sourced from the Celebration DVD rip I found online and that's the only source I can have. No other choice tho... :( As of the making of the post, I was still going around on the codecs that are best used for Blu - ray and I am now aware that they have several codecs. Can't choose for now though because I have yet to know them. Some personal home surround sound equipment here in the Philippines are limited to 7.1 or 5.1 but I didn't know that you can extend up to 11.1. That's a killer. o.o
  10. UP DOWN UP UP UP D - D - D - DOWN

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Andymad


      This sounds like controller codes to make a glitch Pokemon appear and have infinity Rare Candy...

    3. KaitoXD


      8 hours ago, Andymad said:

      This sounds like controller codes to make a glitch Pokemon appear and have infinity Rare Candy...

      Or to spawn Missing No. XD

    4. BringUrLUV


      It all comes down to this.

  11. Diplo, Avicii, Stuart Price, Andre Betts, William Orbit and Mirwais. <3

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    2. KaitoXD


      @MadgeSlaveHonestly, it's not good. It's maybe a lame excuse to just fill the album up. I am lowkey upset that neither of the demos are being considered for the album but instead a song, which is just a redo of Waiting, is being put there. </3

    3. MadgeSlave


      @KaitoXDEven Thrill Me could be used instead of that filler. I always skip the track, I really don't know what Madonna had in mind that day lol

    4. KaitoXD


      @MadgeSlaveWell, the damage had been done so there's nothing we can do about it. :'(

  13. So a radio station here played Dress You Up and IS2G, I bopped my ass out.

  14. Has anyone noticed that in Carpool Karaoke, a different version of Bitch, I'm Madonna is used, similar to that from the Rebel Heart Tour?

    1. rebelheart93


      she used the diplo remix probably

    2. KaitoXD


      On 5/31/2018 at 3:39 AM, rebelheart93 said:

      she used the diplo remix probably

      I didn't know that existed. XD

  15. I like it. It's showing the highs and lows of Hollywood.